27 thoughts on “Because That Iraqi Embargo Seemed To Go Well

    1. I really should be working

      Dont worry Gilmore and Enda the dynamic duo have all ready instructed Baldy Noonan to increase VAT & Excise Duty on Oil based products. That will fix it.

    1. well

      it would also be more to the point, one of the last few central banks in the world that isn’t under control.

    1. aidan

      Pretty sure the price of oil will go up on a world market unless Norway are going to do us all a favour and keep their prices at a special low price for us…

  1. Brian

    Its nuts. He is acting like there is nothing he can do and we just have to get on with it. We are seriously overtaxed on fuel. Get the finger out Gilmore

  2. Jockstrap

    Of course, all the people in the know would have made sure their brokers bought up oil futures before going in to vote on the ban.

    The rich get richer.

  3. John Gallen

    The following words or phrases will be stricken from the vocabulary of every man woman and child until we get out of this mess:

    – May
    – Maybe
    – Might
    – If
    – Possibly
    – Perhaps
    – Seemingly
    – That guy is a f*cking wanker!

  4. Dumbo The Paddy

    Well it’s in keeping with the Irish government doing dumb shit that is contrary to the interests of its people.

  5. VinLieger

    People seem to be under the assumption that the apocalypse this year has to be natural or something from space… think this would do thought dont you? Especially now Russia have come out and said “any threat to Iran politically or militarily will be seen as a direct threat to Russian national security”

    1. DoloresOriordanOnLooseWomen?

      The Russians love to be a stick in the mud just to claim to be any relevance whatsoever on the world stage. Such a shame since they have a lot more to offer than that. Iran is close to their USSR borders but no more so than NATO troops in Europe.

  6. Odradek

    Who’s running the cabinet?
    Israeli puppet Shatter?
    Or do they just do what the US embassy commands?

  7. HectorRamirez

    It’s like a game of Dare between Labour and Fine Gael..

    How far can they go to Tax the citizens, before the country explodes in violence!

  8. Sido

    Screw you Broadsheet whingers!
    I don’t mind paying more for petrol or heating oil (oh and the obvious ESB hike) if it helps us Fight the War on Terror.

        1. The Pirate Queen Frilly Keane

          Sur don’t we have deal with them, at a minimum twice a year as it is.
          Get out’ a bit more

  9. The Pirate Queen Frilly Keane

    Can someone tell me what has Iran done to us?

    Seriously. ‘Cause I don’t know what business We have even talking about embargos.

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