15 thoughts on “And The Lesson Today Is…

  1. Senna

    Duration ‘9 months’ Ah Ms Smith is having a baby. On a more serious note, what have the Unions got to say? This seems non procedural.

  2. Charco

    This is a disgrace. The advertisments for Waiters etc are bad but someone has gone to college for 3 or 4 years to become a primary school teacher. They are quailified.

  3. Jocktrap

    No self respecting business advertises on this site. It’s pure exploitation, nothing. A bastard* child of IMF/FG.

    *no offense meant to my very many friends born out of wedlock.

  4. Brian

    I know we all hate teachers for those few weeks in the summer when they’re larking about the place but this is not cool. Third level teaching qualification to get a job through job bridge. I hope I’m wrong but i think the post won’t be vacant for long – so eager are young teachers to get onto the primary school ladder

  5. MK ultra

    jobbridge is childsplay compared to the Tús community work scheme which is a type of forced community service for the chronically unemployed (more than one year on job seekers). candidates are now being selected.

  6. Diabhal

    As far as I know, the INTO voted against co-operating with this pig’s merde… although, if this is the way things are going, I look forward to being greeted by a JobBridge “nurse” the next time I end up in hospital!

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