Handbag At Dusk


Lynne Mooney writes:

I’m not sure if you can help me but it’s worth a try. I was robbed on Friday night on George’s Street [Dublin] and my bag was stolen and my life was basically inside it. House keys, wallet, make-up etc. The bag was a navy oversized Mulberry buckle bag (above). It was a gift and it really means a lot to me. Everything in it was sentimental. If anyone hears of a bag being sold on the cheap or very quickly I would really really appreciate any help. Thanks so much.

17 thoughts on “Handbag At Dusk

  1. Aoife

    Awh sorry to hear this! My life is in my bag too. Would be devastated if I lost it! Scumbags out there grrrrrrrrr

  2. Nell496

    I sincerely hope you get it, and the contents back. It looks like a lovely bag. Best of luck with your search. I presume you searched in local litter bins etc. So sorry for you.

  3. John

    The answer!

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  4. Fan

    my wallet was stolen in same area a while back. a few days later some of the contents were posted back to me having been found by a postman in a letter box. maybe check with an post to see if something similar has happened. also rubbish bins etc, not a pleasant task and they’ve probably been emptied by now but maybe check with dublin city council? good luck.

    1. Holly

      Lynn, honey I hope you get that miracle! I really do.

      I have a 20 year old Mulberry sachel and in that time, it has been to their factory in Somerset for repair twice. I love it and really look after it so I understand your pain.

      Keep looking and best of luck!

  5. Beezle

    How often do people get robbed on George’s Street it seems like one of the safer places to be even late at night… More details of how this happened could help.

  6. Lynn

    That’s what I was looking forward to. In the bag my chanel wallet was the first thing that I ever bought when I started working and I’ve used it every single day since.

  7. Murry

    I was on Georges Street that night. There are pick pockets there too, all working in groups. In the space of ten minutes my friend iphone was taken and my other frinds wallet was almost taken outside the Globe. We caught a guy trying to steal her wallet and ran after him but straight away a gril ran over saying it was on the floor all along. A clear tag team going on and not a Garda in site.

    Don’t hang around Georges Street at the end of the night is the moral of the story. Sorry about your bag.

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