Ballyhea Shows The Way (Again)


Seamus Hegarty writes:

I saw the people of Ballyhea [County Cork] protesting the bailout today (and took some pics). It made me think, if the people of this small village can come out and brave todays weather to protest the bailout, what the hell are the rest of us doing?

10 thoughts on “Ballyhea Shows The Way (Again)

  1. Alan

    Unfortunately if you really want to see Irish people complain you’ll have to wait for Facebook to introduce its timeline feature in the coming weeks.

    1. hoopla

      ha ha ha – tis yourself again. Are you patrolling every board on this site or am i just very very drunk?

        1. hoopla

          He’s the one following me from thread to thread. You thinking this gives you a good reason to wish us intertwined and slowly dying makes me sad. However it also makes you look like a sh** so there we go.

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