21 thoughts on “Have You Met The Hot New RTE Sign Guy?

      1. Smiler

        You know things are bad when “Bressie” is considered a sex symbol. He wouldn’t get spat on anywhere else… Well, maybe because of his music.

  1. Anne

    “So, that is what passes for hot these days? ”
    Ireland is full of hot women and mingy men!
    All my girl friends agree with me.

    To give him his dues, this guy could be good with his fingers.

    1. Conguill

      Anne, I could say the exact opposite and most of the world would agree.

      Name one Irish female actor famed for her beauty.

          1. cluster

            I should have added a few stipulations. She has to have been in something more significant than The Clinic since 2000.

      1. John Gallen

        Sarah Bolger – The Tudors, Spiderwick and In America
        Ruth Negga – Breakfast on Pluto and Isolation
        Evanna Lynch – Harry Potter 2 (She will blossom!)

        And Jesus man….

        Saoirse Ronan will be a stunner when she’s older!!

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