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A Dublin man is among six rowers who have been rescued from a life raft in the North Atlantic after their boat capsized.
26-year-old Aodhán Kelly (top) and five others from the UK, were taking part in the Atlantic Odyssey challenge to row from Morocco in north Africa to Barbados in the Caribbean aboard the Sara G.
They were 27 days into their journey when the 36ft vessel overturned at 11am yesterday, 520 miles from their destination.
Coastguards in Falmouth, Cornwall, said the rowers were picked up from the raft, which they had lashed to the hull of their overturned boat, at 1.10am by the Nord Taipei, a Panamanian-flagged cargo ship.


Irishman’s Atlantic Rescue After Boat Capsizes (RTE)

Atlantic Odyssey


“Once I knew a yappy poodle,
I ate it in a meaty strudel”

FRENCH PRESIDENT Nicolas Sarkozy has dismissed as “undemocratic” Berlin’s call to appoint an EU “budgetary commissioner” to Greece with powers to veto any government spending that knocks its rescue programme off track.

The controversial call has caused consternation in Greece, but Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted last night that Athens had already agreed in principle to such oversight last year.
“Greece’s recovery plan can be implemented only by the Greeks,” said Mr Sarkozy in Brussels last night. “No country can possibly be placed in trusteeship. It would not be reasonable, democratic [or] efficient.” While Mr Sarkozy insisted Chancellor Merkel was in agreement with him, one door down the German leader was sending a very different signal.

After striking a moderate tone on her arrival in Brussels, she stepped up her calls for extra financial oversight of Greece last night, in line with a paper circulated by Berlin last week.

“Countries not sticking to their programmes create a certain frustration in countries that are financing them and raise the question about oversight,” she said.

Sarkozy dismisses watchdog for Greece (Irish Times)


Number of people charged.

Anglo Irish: 0

Irish Nationwide: 0


Corporate Enforcement’s Paul Appleby To Retire RTE)

(Photocall Ireland)

The Sudoku Watch, a concept from Tokyoflash Design Studio, is not – as you might assume – a watch on which you can also play Sudoku.

Oh no.

You have to complete the Sudoku puzzle to read the time, which means that time will inevitably have moved on since you started and you’ll have to complete another Sudoku puzzle to read the time, which will have moved on by the time you’re done, at which point…

We’re holding out for the Angry Birds version.