31 thoughts on “The Winning EU Presidency Logo

  1. Chucks

    Jaysis Lads, can you not make the ads fit in with the site in some way?

    Ads at each side? Grand.
    Ads between posts? Grand.
    Weird banner ad at the top that makes your own banner ID look squished and odd? Not grand at all.

    1. John Gallen

      What Chucks said!
      Plus the banner at the top is flush with the whiskey brands back drop on the topside – a bit o a border there would be better looking. Also, on the right hand side the avatars are flush with the backdrop too – a bit of a border there too would improve the look (right hand side looks OK).

      Just sayin’

  2. Zuppy International

    I just see a collection of drunken eyes. Like you’d find in the Dail bar on expenses night.

  3. Ed Van der Hoff

    Hmm. Will austerity be applied to visiting EU dignitaries, when they arrive?

    Could they all fly Ryanair, and have a school bus pick them up from Cork Airport (Dublin), stick them in a hostel in Temple Bar along with fourteen Stag/Hen nights, and bring them to Supermacs for the banquet?

    “Paddy, you are right. We are thinking this Austerity thing is not working.”

      1. paul m

        croissants would give the game away. give them a stale breadroll and one of those eggs thats been in the hot food counter all week and turned a bluey green hue round the yolk. easi singles is right on the money.

  4. C Sharp

    Not bad.

    Broadsheet – your own ad placement is truly awful.
    You really need to get someone qualified doing this stuff. It is possible to achieve the desired effect without making the page induce nausea and damaging user experience.

    You are doing your own brand a major disservice.

  5. Miles O'Tool

    Nice of Enda to give the public a chance to vote on such a vital matter – a friggin logo!

    Doesn’t want us to vote on the new EU Fiscal thingy.


  6. WhattheF

    When we get the presidency can we just pass a law saying Irelands debt is cancelled and then have a massive party in brussels, wahey lads we are debt free!! i love dreaming.

  7. JCCM

    “This logo takes its inspiration from Celtic spirals and knotwork. Taking the letter ‘e’ for Europe as a starting point, the spirals radiate out and are woven together to create a fluid, unified shape. Each member (or ‘e’) is linked and works in harmony with the others, reflecting our ambition to ensure the united and effective operation of the EU under our stewardship.”

    It takes years of graphic design to master the art of justifying a design AFTER we have stumbled on a cool Adobe Illustrator effect.

    Now I’d like to see that logo reduced in print or web to a size that will accommodate and array of other international and national logos in the ever popular pissing contest of “my logo comes first and not smaller than yours” of all government materials.

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