X Case: 20 Years On


Members of Action on X Alliance outside the Dail within the last hour highlighting the 20th anniversary of the X case, where the Supreme Court directed the Government to legislate to allow for abortion where a woman’s life is in danger.

Back then, the late Supreme Court judge, Mr Niall McCarthy, emphasised the need for legislation saying: “The failure of the legislature to enact the appropriate legislation is no longer just unfortunate; it is inexcusable.”

Two decades later, after numerous expert committees, two referendums in which the people vindicated a woman’s right to life-saving abortion, several court rulings doing the same, and an acknowledgment from the current Government’s Deputy Leader that such legislation is necessary – all Labour and Fine Gael are giving us is yet another expert committee.


Time To Legislate For Life-Saving Abortion (Therese Caherty, Cedar Lounge)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


12 thoughts on “X Case: 20 Years On

  1. General Waste

    20 years and not one legislator/government or party has had the guts to do the right thing and legislate on the result of the referendum – Ivana Bacik being the honourable exception.

    The sooner the EU/Germans/anybody take over this God-infested kip completely the better.

    1. Marco

      Of course it makes it less common. If you have the option of nipping out during your lunch for a “procedure” or have to actively book transport and accommodation to a country that allows it it affords you time to think and reassess.

      1. Emma

        I don’t think so Marco. Clinics in the UK require sign off from two doctors before they will perform an abortion, so this notion you have that it is a procedure that you just “nip out” to get done is farcical. Over 4,000 Irish women were known to have travelled to the UK last year for abortions, and that does not include those that went undetected or to other countries such as Holland. Having to travel aboard makes abortions far less safe, particularly when you consider the number of women who fail to receive any form of aftercare. The decriminalisation of abortion would not lead to an increase in the number of Irish women who have abortions yearly, but it most certainly would help to keep them healthier and safer.

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