In Case You Were In Any Doubt


Having different lending facilities could “ease the burden somewhat” as the country tries to recover, Kenny said in the interview on Bloomberg Television [broadcast today, Thursday]. “And while it’s difficult for our people and challenging for our country, we know we’re headed in the right direction.”

35 thoughts on “In Case You Were In Any Doubt

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Given the alarmingly high dawbrain: voter ratio over the past decade, probably more than are happy to admit.

      Not me though.
      Christ, no.

      1. John Gallen


        But I’ve never in my life voted FF! who are largely responsible for the mess.

        It’s just a pity we didn’t get a better janitor out of Enda to clean it up.

  1. Pedanto, the Hilarity Man

    We spend more money than we take in. The only people who will lend us the difference have imposed the condition that we honour the promise of the last government to pay these debts. There are a couple of villains here, but Enda Kenny isn’t one of them.

        1. atswim

          They are lending to us because they have to. Because it is in their interest to lend to us, they are not trying to do us a favour. If we refuse they will still want to lend to us because it will still be in their interest they’ll have to negotiate.

          But our right wing reactionary government bows down to wealth and power, does what is told, and gets patted on the head.

  2. Miles O'Tool

    We have been screwed more times than a docklands hooker.

    Enda seems to have no idea how bad things really are!

    The population have suffered huge cuts because we want to make bankers happy. Real people are losing, jobs, homes, pensions and savings.

    Our kids are leaving the country. People have taken their own lives. People are losing their lives because they cannot get medical treatment.

    The place is a shambles and is being “led” by morons. Our “leaders” are taking direction from Europe, big business and from opinion polls.

    Real people are suffering. I have sat in hospital waiting rooms waiting for a sick relative to be seen, heard a consultant (paid €200K p.a.) say “why are you here?” and have to go wait in another hospital for a hope of admission.

    Look at the queues at the dole offices!

    Sure, didn’t we all go mad!

    Enda, you ain’t seen mad yet!

      1. cluster

        Let’s be honest, the population has suffered huge cuts because it elected Bertie Ahern as taoiseach for three consecutive terms. His ‘colleagues’ in parliament included Michael Lowry, Matty McGrath, Jackie Healy Ray to mention but a couple.

        Every option open to us now is painful. Paying back stupid bank debt may not be the best option but there is no easy route.

  3. Paul

    can you imagine someone being this treacherous in real life? his friends would beat the living shit out of him. lies upon lies, then going into negotiations and being caught lying in front of the media about what was said. lying in pre-election promises. lying about almost everything to do with his role in office.

  4. tom

    as a FF superter glad to see them making a balls of it. prediction at next election ff 45-48 fg 43-46 lab 4-7. talk of a government upsetting the people. they are making a balls of it

    1. pepe

      Never ceases to amaze me how someone could be a “supporter” of FF after what we’ve gone through. They are the Michael Myers of Irish politics. They will NEVER be killed !

    2. atswim

      What do you support about FF? The mess they made of the country?

      Its not like supporting a football team. You don’t stick by them even when they do a terrible job just because you’ve always supported them and your dad did.

      1. pepe

        Precisely. The whole concept of “supporting” a party seems to be a way to switch off your ability for rational thought.

    3. cluster

      I often wonder how FF could consistently run the country so incompetently since and still be elected back into government time and time again.

      People like you, Tom are the reason.

      How many times do they have to mess up before you abandon some tribal allegiance? How thoroughly do they have to be exposed before you rethink this?

      Are you just trolling?

    4. Spaghetti Hoop

      FF may have gone away for a time. But they wait in the long grass.
      Time to burn the long grass.

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