The Most Expensive (And Life-Threatening) Starbucks Coffee Ever


Logan A. Warren of Geek on Call reports the most expensive Starbucks coffee in the world.  It took half an hour to make and cost $23.60 (€18).

16 shots of espresso, a shot of soy milk, caramel flavoring, banana puree, strawberry puree, vanilla beans, Matcha powder, protein powder, and a drizzle of caramel and mocha.The resulting beverage contains 1400mg of caffeine. According to Erowid, a widely respected drug catalog, a heavy caffeine dose is 400+mg.  This drink has 3 times that.  If I drank this all at once, it would put me in the hospital.  Two of these would kill me.

(The previous reported title holder, a Venti White Chocolate Mocha ordered by blogger Michael Dolan of cost $20.65)


11 thoughts on “The Most Expensive (And Life-Threatening) Starbucks Coffee Ever

  1. atswim

    No it says he didn’t pay cash. It also says “birthday bev -21.80” so I’m guessing he abused some birthday discount scheme to try this out for very little money.

      1. cluster

        “abused some birthday discount scheme” – seems like rather strong language for maybe getting a larger reduction than Starbucks originally intended when they offered the discount shceme.

  2. Robert

    Where’s the extra $1.60 coming from? The receipt tots up to $21.60, which cancels out against the birthday freebie total. And there’s nothing in the recipe underneath that’s not on the receipt. I smell shenannigans. We’re clearly being lied to on this very important issue.

    1. Jonjo

      I think you’re mixing up your 6s and 8s. It’s $21.80 and an extra $1.80 that’s not accounted for.

      Maybe it’s a Government tax of 8.25%? Although it doesn’t say that on the receipt.

  3. Shane H

    He’s not right about two of those being a fatal dose of caffeine. According to Wikipedia, the LD50 of caffiene is 192 mg/kg. This means the caffeine dose which have a 50% chance of being fatal to a 65kg adult is 12.48 grams. That’s 8.9 of those drinks, not two.

  4. dave g k

    I have a confession to make. I once got the words “cappuccino” and “espresso” mixed up when ordering a coffee. The girl behind the counter politely pointed out that this would cost about £25 and “was I sure I wanted it, would I prefer a cup instead?”. So not wanting to admit that I hadn’t a clue about coffee and the forms it’s served as, accepted her offer. Think it was around £10.

    Boy, was I awake after that!

    But part of me now regrets the opportunity not taking the chance to set a world record.

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