A Petition For Kate


A petition, uploaded in the last 24 hours, seeking justice for Kate Fitzgerald and, so far, signed by 127 people (many of them Irish Times’ readers) calling on ‘the paper of record’ to offer:

i) An appropriate clarification or apology [for the redaction of Kate’s article]

ii) A concrete commitment to help promote awareness and understanding of mental health issues, particularly in the workplace environment

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16 thoughts on “A Petition For Kate

  1. U

    Before I sign this, I would like to hear her parents thoughts on this matter. It seems like a good idea in principle and if they are willing to press the matter I will gladly sign it, but is it time to put Kate to rest for her family’s sake?

  2. Tom and Sally Fitzgerald

    As the parents of Kate Fitzgerald, we continue to seek justice for her. Kate cannot rest, and we cannot rest, until justice is done. We welcome the petition initiated by responsible journalists, and we welcome Broadsheet’s ongoing commitment to this story.

    Kate sent her final words to the Irish Times believing that it was the most respectable paper in Ireland. She hoped that her plea, being her last message to the world, would help to make a difference to others who suffered her plight. She hoped to lift the stigma of spending time in a mental hospital. She hoped to lift the stigma of depression. She didn’t want others to be bullied and harassed at work as she had been. She truly believed that her message was in the safest of hands with the IT.

    Peter Murtagh deserves great credit for his 26 November article on Kate. Perhaps, we can give some credit to the Irish Times for printing it. Alas, it was the callous and cowardly redaction and subsequent apology by the Irish Times that brought that paper to a historic low. It was the callous refusal of IT editor Kevin O’Sullivan to give any justification for calling Kate’s last words “non-factual” that destroyed the paper’s credibility. It is the continuing refusal of the IT to apologise that keeps Kate and family from getting to a place of rest. The position taken by the IT brings shame on the paper and on Irish journalism, so we are glad that at least some journalists are trying to set this right.

    We ask for your support for this petition and for anything that will correct the record. We ask that you pursue a genuine apology from the IT. We ask that you pursue this with other media outlets, with the press ombudsman, with your politicians, or with anyone who can make a change. Do not stop until Kate’s name is cleared. Do not stop until the Irish Times finds a way to remove the stain on its own name, and on the name of Irish journalism.

    As Kate’s parents, we do not believe Kate would have stopped, and we will not stop until the record has been corrected.

    Tom and Sally Fitzgerald

  3. Jenna Nolan

    I love that Broadsheet continues to press this topic. Signing petition immediately and encourage others to as well.

  4. Praetorian

    Mr & Mrs Fitzgerald……Thank you for being so upfront and personal. I sit in darkness most days,even when the sun is shining….and people all around me are laughing,smiling,untroubled…..but in reality,amongst the good folk sitting and smiling,one in three are suffering…..they go home to a bright airy apartment,bedsit,duplex….whatever…and sit in black darkness.
    The Govt.,medical profession…..and particularly media do nothing to promote or help our cause….people like me need encourgement to come out and publicly state that we are not well,that we need help….just a simple chat helps most times.
    Depression is never the fault of the individual suffering this infliction…..it comes when least expected,when life is good.
    I will support you in anything you do to push this illness further into the public domain.
    Ignorance is generally down to a lack of education.

  5. spucks

    doesn’t let me sign, some damned technical error :( will try at home later.
    533 signatures & counting though, it seems to be getting some attention.

  6. BFD

    Still banging on about this, despite having driven all that traffic to the Irish times website and there being no case to answer further. Clearly, there were defamatory comments that were removed from the article by the Irish Times. If you don’t agree these comments could in any way be defamatory then why not republish them again here or on other social media? Otherwise, cop on and do something positive.

    1. C

      I shouldn’t be surprised to see someone turn what could be a valid point into an unnecessary offensive comment but I am – mainly surprised when you know the likelihood of Kate’s parents reading that comment, BFD, and you posted it anyway.

      Read the petition- what was asked for was an apology or explanation for butchering and removing Kate’s article and frankly the family and friends are owed that at the very least after the implication that she was a liar and that her article was “not factual”. The question of whether elements of the article were defamatory or not doesn’t even come into it – what is of concern was how Kate’s name was disgraced and her brilliant message eradicated. The Irish Times could have protected itself from libel WITHOUT calling a deceased individual a liar and wiping from memory the article that they originally thought reliable enough and enlightening enough to publish.

      I’m delighted for you that this is of such little concern to you that this seems like “banging on” over nothing. How dare you tell people who care about Kate, people who care about her friends and family, who care about journalistic integrity, who care about their loved ones who suffer from depression and who care about depression in public discourse to “cop on and do something positive”! That is so condescending, arrogant and downright hurtful and could only be said by someone so intrinsically lacking in empathy if you don’t understand why over 600 people (to date) care enough about this to sign the petition. And how can you disagree with asking the Irish Times to offer “a concrete commitment to help promote awareness and understanding of mental health issues, particularly in the workplace environment”? Maybe you should inform your opinion better by reading things before you make such offensive comments.

      If you behave in the same odious manner in real life that you do on the internet, I pity you so so much.

      1. Ais

        Without spitting, shouting, swearing or getting yourself into a tizzy, you said what I had wanted to ,C, but couldn’t do so quite so eloquently. Well done, and +1

    2. Susan Lanigan

      Yet again the point is spectacularly – and quite deliberately missed – by Mr/Ms BFD. I would wonder at the mindset of someone so scathing and prideful that they cannot resist showing maximum disrespect to the parents of someone who has gone through what Kate Fitzgerald has gone though. Such evil behaviour is something that is quite alien to me, and to most people, which is why I am unsure as to how to address it.

      But let me repeat it until I am hoarse. Read after me, BFD, if your reading comprehension reaches that far through your blindingly thick skull: THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE LAW. THIS IS ABOUT POWER.

      The case of the aggressor here is unique. They, solely, have the power to prevent discussion of this salient matter and their own wrongdoing on every medium in the country – due to their positions as head of the national television company (Savage senior), inveigling of power in a rival radio medium (Savage junior) and an intricately built network of political connections (Prone). You are not going to seriously sit there and tell me – or perhaps you are, BFD, since you’re evidently that thick and self-satisfied – that the Irish Times would have capitulated in the manner they did and every chat show in the country shy away from the topic “for legal reasons” if Kate Fitzgerald had been working for Unimportant O’Mushroom Farmers. No, they would likely, after the first editing, have provided a full, active-voiced explanation for their actions. And they damn well wouldn’t have bothered with the apology.

      The circumstantial evidence provided by the Communications Clinic’s behaviour towards their former employee Karagh Fox, Broadsheet.ie, the Irish Times and the rest of the country is so overwhelmingly in favour of Kate Fitzgerald’s testimony as to their true nature that I have difficulty believing they have a good name left to mount a libel suit.

      You are wrong, BFD (Big F***ing D**khead, perhaps?). There is a case to answer, and will remain so until the Irish Times retract their apology to the Communications Clinic or until that unlovely body themselves are brought to a conclusion.

  7. Susan Lanigan

    I should add “The Communications Clinic ALLEGED behaviour towards Karagh Fox”. It is true that I am so infuriated by these people that I would no longer care one red penny whistle if they were to sue me and try to bankrupt me – it would give me unspeakable joy if I could cause them maximum embarrassment, hurt and damage to their business through court coverage in return. BUT that said, I would not wish a lawsuit on any else due to comments *I* made on a website!

  8. Katie Kelly

    I hope that this petition leads to improvements in journalism, ethics, morals and the attitudes of people towards individuals with mental health difficulties and disabilities.

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