Ireland’s Pwned



“Whatever happened to the quietness of libraries.”

Big-boned funster Sean McTiernan takes us through the Valentine’s issue of Ireland’s Own.

Poorly lit. Nicely done.


5 thoughts on “Ireland’s Pwned

  1. Marky O'T

    This is genius!

    I had to do a redesign of a publication in University as part of a module.

    I chose ‘Ireland’s Own’ as it simply meant less work for me.

    You can’t redesign something that is as fundamentally bat- shit crazy as this.

    That’s why I love it! (As far as I’m aware I think it’s still the most sold Irish publication too!)

  2. L

    He’s very funny, hadn’t heard of him before.
    Funniest bit – “… are you 49? F**k off!”
    Anybody know if he does stand up

  3. Senna

    Expected to cringe, but he brings the lols for sure. But of a subversive cleverness to the lad as well. Good stuff

  4. Mass lover...

    F**ksake Seán…How’s about an ould spoiler alert on “Catch a Criminal” there…

    Very good…much better than I expected…likeable guy…

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