Ireland’s Sopa: Good(ish) News


The Minister for Research and Innovation Sean Sherlock (above) said he “welcomed” a decision from the European Court of Justice which ruled that social networks cannot be obliged to install a filter for user-generated content to prevent copyright infringement, saying it will guide Irish courts when looking into similar matters.


Minister Welcomes European Court Ruling Against Filtering Content (Silicon Republic)

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5 thoughts on “Ireland’s Sopa: Good(ish) News

  1. Sendog

    hmm this is not news! the court case was last year along with the ruling that ISP cannot filter traffic.
    This has nothing to do with blocking sites.

  2. Sido

    He doesn’t look like a typical – capitalist’s toady or right wing philistine, – he looks like someone who should be in Harry Potter. A frightening notion.

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