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So, as I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times, I’m nearly finished the H. Dip. for primary school teaching. We have our online religion exam on Wednesday and I was going through the demo exam to make sure it works. Some of the questions that will be on it are actually shocking!! I cannot believe that a college in Ireland in 2012 is allowed to preach such shìt.
The answer that I will have to choose to get the marks for the first attachment is “True”. And in the second attachment, asking which statement is false, I will have to choose the one about Hinduism. So apparently, the one about atheism is true.
…Effectively, I’m expected to spout this shìte out to a child if I ever teach in a Catholic school. Unbelievable.


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Thanks MK

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  1. Serv

    Everyone, knows Hitler was a athiest, only a non-believer could possibly single out one group of ppl based on their religous beliefs…..

      1. Stephen M

        Pol Pot was a Buddhist, too. Anyway, Stalin and Pol Pot did what they did for political ideologies, not in the name of no god.

    1. ebren

      No…for what it’s worth, Hitler was a nominal Roman Catholic. As for singling out one group of ppl based on their beliefs…check out the inquisition or google the ‘cathars’.

      1. Serv

        Course i’m serious….*sniggers*…..Stalin hated the jews too, he was an athiest. Athiests clearly hate the jewish ppl because they killed jesus….and cause they have the coolest god, what with all the vengence and smiting.

    2. brittany

      He singled them out because to him jews were not just religious they were their own group of people. Everyone commonly mistakes him as an atheist, which is insanely false. Do some reading.

      1. Serv

        Ok: why would an atheist distinguish between religous groups? Once you have considered that you might get my OP.

        You guys get jokes right?

    3. Jon Pierson

      Hi Serv,
      I’m sorry to disappoint you but Adolph Hitler was raised a Roman Catholic. You may also be surprised to hear that Joseph Stalin was not only a Roman Catholic but actually a seminarian. DO NOT trust Wikipedia or religious propaganda but go to original source material to confirm these facts.

      The Nazi Party were, fundamentally, a reaction against the perceived ‘sell-out’ by Bismarck of the German people in the Treaty of Versailles. The anti-Semitism came, not from any belief or non-belief system but from a need to ‘blame’ someone for Germany’s economic woes following the First World War and to rally ‘der volk’ to believe that, without some random factor (the Jews) everything would be better.

      Stalin was not going after ‘the religious’, he was a megalomaniac attempting, and succeeding to, consolidate his power over the masses who, when seeing what fate befell those who failed to toe the line, er, toed the line.

      I have no idea why otherwise rational individuals believe the rubbish spouted by the religious to justify their existence other than the fact that, even today, children as young as four-years-old are subjected to recognised methods of mind control and hypnotic techniques to indoctrinate them to ‘believe’ in something that, had you been born in, say, Iran, you would have believed in the polar opposite of the same reason.

      I know that it’s difficult for the religious to manage more than just the one book and, even then, only the edited highlights, but have a go at actually reading ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’ by William L. Shirer and, also ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolph Hitler.

      Now, don’t just pick out random bits that ‘fit’ your religiously formed opinions – like you do with your bible – read the whole of the books from start to finish. In fact, read the whole of your bible from start to finish because, if you do (and have the ability to do so from a neutral stance) you will discover the violence of your god, his inability to deal with iron chariots and the alarming difficulty he has, in the modern era, to do all that smiting he did against his enemies. You will also discover that, in much the same way that tens of thousands of others have since, your Jesus figure was actually preaching the end of the world within the lifetime of those to whom he was allegedly preaching… in much the same way that Harold Camping has predicted the ‘end of days’ so many times I hear that he has now given up.

      You see, just because there may, or may not, have been some bloke preaching the ‘end of the world’ and ‘judgement day’ two thousand years ago – and someone made notes – does not make it any more valid than me telling you that you will ascend to your idea of heaven tomorrow.

      ‘Faith’ is only a trust that what someone tells you is true. Trust me, there neither is, nor ever will be, any evidence, whatsoever, that there is some old bloke sitting in the clouds controlling everything. I actually have a science degree and a law degree. Both degrees required me to read more than just one book, please open your mind to the rationalism of reality and close it to superstition and supernaturalism. You only have one shot at life, make the most of it and waste no further time on imaginary beings. (Anyway, if your god is so cool, if you live your life without harming others, maybe even helping others, and adopt an ethical and moral attitude to life, surely he will reward you whether you claim belief or not.)

      1. Derek Bonsai

        Brilliant stuff, well written and very concise. Dawkins takes whole books to say essentially the same thing.

        1. IKS

          Hmm. although I agree that Jon’s comment was well written and more importantly, correct, I’d have to disagree with your statement about Dawkins. Professor Dawkins takes whole books to say the above and much much more, citing important scientific evidence and elaborating on many of the points made by Jon. I have heard Dawkins express himself just a succinctly in various short interviews and debates. Check out YouTube interviews! The ones with Bill O’Reilly are particularly entertaining/painful to watch. Happy Ash Wednesday :)

      2. Serv

        Hi John,


        Thanks for the reply, I’m afraid my attention span didn’t get me past the third paragraph.

        But while we’re on the subject of crazy beliefs: why would you believe that someone could think that “Athiests clearly hate the jewish ppl because they killed jesus” or that an atheist would pick out a single religion to persecute over another?

        All religion is surely equal to an atheist, so why would an atheist target only the jewish ppl or care who killed an imaginary figure?

        You’re getting the joke now perhaps?

        Anyway my attention span is fading again so I’m going back to wait for the next instalment on Broadsheet.

        Let’s never fight again.


      3. Bixter

        Actually, John, Joseph Stalin was initially Russian Orthodox (More specifically Georgian Orthodox). He was never Roman Catholic. Otherwise I completely agree with what you’re saying.

    4. bryan

      Hitler was not an atheist, he is documented in numerous speeches and writings praising god, calling himself a man of god, and thanking providence (divine intervention) for saving his life, good fortune in battles etc.

      1. GarPublic

        hitler may have been a religious man, but it is wrong to assume he was a roman catholic simply because he was brought up as one. he was quite oppressive towards clerics of the catholic church as he was afraid that the power of the catholic church would undermine loyalty to the nazi party.

        having said that, it is not as though the catholic church has always opposed or been victimised by fascism. the catholic church were strong proponents of francisco franco’s brand of fascism during the spanish civil war, as franco was a right-wing catholic and the legitimate republicn government was comprised of many left-wing elements that called for the complete removal of religion from spanish society, even getting as far as actually confiscating property from the church before the outbreak of the spanish civil war.

    5. Paul

      Hitler’s religious beliefs are disputed. He often referred to Chistianity and God in his speeches. He was not an athiest by most accounts.

  2. NeilH

    Wait? Is Hinduism a positive force for change??? I wouldn’t have thought so, really….. For the first one, that point can be argued. Why not? Why can’t a organized religious group make this point?

    Also, if you want to get a job in a catholic school, then they are hardly going to ask you about the Big Bang theory or how paganism connects people to the earth and nature………

    1. VinLieger

      Thats fair enough but forcing teachers to tell such blatant factual lies to impresionnal kids is pretty disgusting

  3. Just sayin'

    If its a Catholic school, they can do what they want with regards to moral teaching. I can’t imagine any religious school promoting atheism. I’m surprised that people are surprised.

    1. mick skelly

      90% of schools in Ireland are catholic schools. Which means that Irish people don’t really have a choice, they have to let their children’s catholic religious teachers indoctrinate them.

      1. GarPrivate

        cut the smack talk, mick!
        up until a couple of years ago, i spent 14 years in catholic primary and secondary schools and yet low-and-behold, i am not indoctrinated! they are schools, not seminaries. i spent most of the time getting a pretty normal education, except for the times i made my communion and confirmation which was nothing more than an excuse for people to have photos of their kids looking nice and to invite people round for dinner afterward.
        and even when we did spend time learning about ‘religion’ in class, we spent most of it studying judaism, islam, hinduism, buddhism, you name it, and the chinese/protestant/atheist kids who attended the school weren’t forced to convert or attend mass or whatever else it is you think that happens.

        and furthermore, the priests and nuns who used to run these institutions are quite literally dying out these days and most schools are now run by boards of management comprised of normal people who don’t give a hoot about religion.

        So some aul wench probably set the above MCQ, so what? you think that will influence the outcome of what people choose to believe?

      1. Jimmy

        Exactly, children of Hindu, Muslim and atheist parents often have no choice in this country but to go to Christian schools. If these same schools are being funded by the state, how can this discrimination carry on!?!

        1. Ann Kennedy

          The state will fund any school that is setup within its structures. But the state does not control any school. If you would like to setup a school and teach atheism – go right ahead. The problem isn’t that schools are run by the church, but that they are not run by the state.

      2. Daithi

        Article 44 Section 2.2 of Bunreacht ne hEireann says “The State guarantees not to endow any religion.”

        So the State has been in breach of its own constitution ever since it was founded.

        (Obviously I was inspired by the scenes from a repossession post)

    2. John Hughes

      Great news, at last someone is telling the truth. The Inquisition killed less than 10,000 & they had a trial. Stalin killed 20 million. Paul Pots wasn’t a christian & he killed 2 million.
      It is a scientific fact that atheists killed more in the last century than any other groups killed in the previous 200 years. Communism outlawed religion everywhere, Soviet Union, China (still). In Spain when the communists got into power the 1st thing they did was take out 6,000 priests & kill them. Ostensibly because they were anti communist but Spain in the 1930’s was like Ireland 100 years previously, the priests were leaders on the ground & people listened to them. They didn’t always do what the priests told them. By removing the leaders, the state could kill who ever opposed them & become the moral authority. Remember, when Hitler was killing the mentally ill or disabled, it was the Christian churches objected. No one else was brave enough.

      Just because you were born a Catholic doesn’t mean you can’t become an atheist, I’m sure you can verify that.There’s no one worse than a Christian who has turned atheist, like a reformed smoker. Most megalomaniacs take on the cloak of the people they are trying to lead. Saddam Hussein ran a secular state in Iraq but when came under pressure he found Islam. They always use religion for their own uses.

      1. Jimbo

        +”It is a scientific fact that atheists killed more in the last century than any other groups killed in the previous 200 years”

        *falls off chair*
        *picks self up*

        Problem 1 with your statement:
        A comment ignorant beyond recognition. If it is a fact, it’s an historical fact, not a scientific one.

        Problem 2 with your statement:
        Because someone who happens to be an atheist does something, doesn’t mean it was his atheism that caused him to do it. I can think of a great many evil men with moustaches. Doesn’t mean moustaches make people evil. There are two logical fallacies here. The first is called “Guilt by association fallacy”, the second “post hoc ergo propter hoc” (correlation does not imply causation).

        Problem 3 with your statement:
        Hitler most certainly was not an atheist. Regardless of whether or not you consider him to be a catholic, he had some very kooky supernatural ocult beliefs that are utterly incompatible with atheism.

        Furthermore, even if he was an atheist, the vast majority of nazi war crimes were comitted by christians. Yes, most of the nazis were christians, which is why Hitler had to at least profess christianity even if he wasn’t a christian. That’s why every Nazi solider wore a belt buckle with the words “Gott mit uns” (god with us) inscribed on it.

        Regardless of Hitler’s religious views, he had an army of christians doing his dirty work for him!

        1. bryan

          You saved me so much time. I love you! Atheists killed more people in the last century? give me a fucking break! Also, why limit it to the last century? is that because of the inquisition, the crusades, the Ol’ romans killing everyone (they polytheists but who cares, not atheists) what about the muslims murdering film makers and cartoonists (some of which who didnt even do what they were ”accused’ of) for depicting allah? And all the other literally countless wars and massacres based on differences of religion. OH yeah and how about the pope telling people in africa that condoms actually give you aids? I realize im preaching to the choir here, because you already answered this lubricious statement brilliantly but i needed to vent! From a very happy atheist.

      2. Dara

        This is a very distorted view of the fascist war against a democratically elected governement in Spain.
        I believe in tolerance of people’s religious beliefs and no good Christians were involved in holocaust: it was a terrible atrocity incompatible with the Christian message.
        Much of the Catholic hierachy has been more concerned with temporal power than real spirituality and that came to the fore in their support for Franco (and his for them).

      3. Britainsgottalentfan

        Leave Paul Pots out of this, he is a marvellous singer/entertainer who has brightened the lives of many with his exquisite rendition of Nessun Dorma. The man wouldn’t hurt a fly

  4. Mr.F

    I dont care, lots more stuff to get work up about, like why do some people take the middle urinal or stand in the middle of travellators and dont walk on them, these are the big issues folks

  5. Rumpleforeskin

    This is just wrong, wrong, wrong. I hate Ireland and the morons who run it more and more now that I’m away from it. It just disgusts me with a fresh batch of sh*t every day…

  6. ARAM

    There was a case were a teacher was fired for not having this H.dip in Religion. She got her job back through the European courts on the grounds of religious discrimination.

    Sure you can say a Catholic school can teach what they like, but in this country many people have no choice but to send their kids to a Catholic school.

    There was some noise from Quinn about fixing this daft arrangement. All quiet now though.

  7. De

    Reading through that thread on boards it’s shocking to see that people in this country have to hide the fact that they are not Catholic or risk being either unemployable or losing their jobs. It is an absolute disgrace that such discrimination is allowed in the education in the 21st centuary.

    The sooner religious patronage is phased out of Irish schools the better we will be as a society.

  8. Stephen Byrne


    I thought this was an exam to join the Westboro Baptist Church until I read the full post.

  9. Orla

    I’m doing my H.Dip for teaching religion in secondary school and it’s more focused on Christianity, but not at all biased and, well, false as this. What a sham. Disgraceful

    1. Tommy

      I would describe Christianity as false and a shame. Any person who wants to teach kids religion I would view as very strange.

        1. well

          you think you know intolerance, only a few hundred years we could all be hanged for even daring to discuss these things.

          for the first time in 5000 years+ religion as whole is on the defensive and suddenly it cares about tolerance.

  10. I P Freely

    so long as people keep pretending to be religious to get married, teachers will have to pretend to be religious to get jobs.
    stop pretending, you’re only fooling yourself, and maybe the baby Jebus.

  11. Pandorly

    I attend Mary Immaculate College and I’m in my final year (only three months to go, yippee!); the B.Ed. experience has thus far meant that I had to leave my home, compromise my integrity and discard any moral doctrine I had attempted to adopt in order to improve my ethical decision-making. Now I don’t know what to consult because the necessity of adhering to the “ETHOS” of the college can be the difference between getting a job and not when I’m qualified. I feel as though I’m literally considered to be an incarnation the anti-Christ in my college. We’re obliged to do an excess of 200 hours of religion lectures where we’re being taught about such bullshit as “God acting Womanish” and “Improving our Relationships with God through Sacraments”. They just take it for granted that Christianity is correct.

    Last year I refuted a lecturer who said “Why would anyone want to explain the beauty in nature. Like when the leaves go brown in Autumn. To know why would be to spoil the mystic power of it.” with “Actually something like beauty is entirely a matter of perspective and while you could just say “Oh how wonderful that God has changed the colour of the leaves” you could equally say “Wow isn’t it incredible that the trees have figured out a way of storing food for Winter when they won’t be able to photosynthesise as much… and they can even drop off the empty food containers and create a beautiful colour scheme around the place.”, and most people looked at me like I had four heads just to be questioning the lecturer. I can’t fucking wait to be finished this semester so I can busy myself fucking never going back to Limerick again. The next hurdle is getting a job in an Educate Together school where secular morality is taught instead of the massive slave cult that is Christianity.

  12. Annoyed at future primary teachers of Ireland

    Plenty of children sit the Junior Certificate Religion Education exam every year and many make the choice to pick it for the Leaving Certificate. It is a choice they made. If they are interested why not? If future primary teachers do not teach it at primary level what choice do children then have at secondary.

    Inform yourself and what is expected from the Catholic school system in Ireland… This is not a bias course and it does not slate any other religion. In fact, some of the children in secondary school know more about religion than primary school teachers themselves……………………

  13. get real

    Ive been a catholic for 54 years and low-and-behold, i have never seen our schools, seminaries or religion in general practice b.s. like what is stated above! Want to know why? Dont have to! Any other religion is wrong! Thats why over 80% of the people in the world are Catholic! Who cares about tiny islam or the atheists or any of the rest of them? Not the Catholics…so GET REAL! You attack us cause you know you have not a leg to stand on! i made my communion and confirmation which is everything! Catholics never study judaism, islam, hinduism, buddhism, you name it, or the chinese/protestant/atheist kids. Why would they? You follow us, we dont follow you and we are undetourable…always have been always will be!

    and furthermore, the priests and nuns who to run these institutions are quite literally saving the world these days!

    1. Scott F

      You want to check those facts mate.

      The worlds predominant faith is Atheism.

      China’s population which is makes up almost 20% of the worlds population is officially entirely Atheist… (there are figures believe it or not for Catholicism

      Then India which makes up 17.5% of the worlds population is almost entirely Hindu over 80%… I think Christianity (not even Catholicism but all Christianinty) makes up about 2% of India’s population.

      Western Society has roughly equal figures for all the major religions including Atheism… all around the 1 to 2 billion mark…

      But this does not take into account the large proportion of people who say they are christian but have never been inside a church outside of death or marriage.

      1. bisted

        ….ahem…..atheism is not a faith….in fact, its the opposite. Theists of whatever flavour require faith in a belief system. It’s the absence of faith that defines the non-believer.
        I am an atheist and in common with all other atheists I’ve ever met, I have a better understanding of comparitive theologies than some of their most strident exponents.

        1. GarPublic

          don’t be fooled by the fact that ‘officially’ china is totally atheist cos in practice it is not. there are many christian, muslim, buddhist, taoism, confucianism, and other folk religion groups in china, although there still remains a considerable amount of chinese who are atheist.
          you are correct about the amount of hindus, but u forgot to mention that around 1.5 billion people are muslim, which is another 20% or so of the population of the world.
          christianity is huge in north and south america, large areas of africa, europe and some parts of asia (dno about oz), probably somewhere in the region of 25% of the world population. and after u account for buddhism, judaism and whatever else, atheism is a clear minority probably somewhere in the region of 10-15% of the world. big, but by no means the biggest.

        2. Scott F

          yeh my bad meant to use the terms religious groupings when I was talking about atheism… and to be honest meat to use the term irreligious (or without faith) instead of Atheism…

    2. Derek Bonsai

      Did they let you out for the day to comment? Seriously, read what you wrote again and see it for the moronic blather that it is. There is not one coherent or rational argument in that text. Try again.

    3. David

      “You attack us cause you know you have not a leg to stand on!”

      Did you know there’s no god?

      Just saying.

    4. bryan

      you do realize the story of ‘jesus’ is based on the story of horus, the son of osiris, the Egyptian sun god. born on 25th december, to a virgin, adored by 3 kings (which happens to be an astrological term for orions belt) became a teacher at 12, baptised at 30, 12 disciples, and yes, even crucified. sound familiar? and horus was invented 1280 years before this jesus dude was. strange, but yeah youre probably right, thats all coincidence.

    5. bonnie

      To the ingnorant 54 year old pr**k known as ‘get real’ (thats ironic!) You are blind and consiously so. Your message has no fact, relivance or place in an intellectual conversation (or any conversation for that matter), you’re not fighting any point just creating defensive walls, trying to stop ideas, logic and education from damaging what i can only guess is pretty flimsy faith. My guess, you’re a unintellectual, small minded simpleton… like a lot of blind ‘believers’.

      Enjoy that.


      furthermore!… these priests… the ones who are ‘quite literally saving the world’,… are they the ones raping children or the ones standing up for those rapists through protection and silence?… i’m confused on that part!

  14. Brenny

    I guess you’re trolling with this – “I know that it’s difficult for the religious to manage more than just the one book and, even then, only the edited highlights…”

    If not, have an aul google of the following religious people and see what else they had in common:
    Carl Friedrich Gauss, Gottfried Leibniz, Bernhard Riemann, Pierre De Fermat. I could add many more but I think my point is made.

  15. Mike

    A Catholic school should be allowed to teach it’s own ideology without such an uproar. Would there be such dissent if it were a Muslim school spewing propaganda? We are not required to
    teach in a Catholic school so if you don’t like it then Move On.

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