THAT Paddy Power Transgender AD



Delicately done.

Wow – Unbelievably Offensive “Transgender” Ad for Paddy Power (Miss Panti)

Thanks Buzz

12 thoughts on “THAT Paddy Power Transgender AD

  1. Brian

    Arra its very tongue in cheek. Some people have just too much time in their day to complain. Damn PC brigade.

      1. Conor

        People thinking you are funny rather than scary and weird is a great thing.

        Look at the gays. Perfectly acceptable to be gay now and it all started with us realising how funny two men doing stuff to one another was.

    1. Michael

      Yeah, damm PC brigade.. Can we not just be terribly insulting to an already marginalised group without a load of bored/concerned people getting all up in a fuss? I mean, really..

    2. Stewart Curry

      Some people have far too much free time on their hands, complaining about people complaining about the PC brigade. How dare people complain about things they find offensive!

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