30 thoughts on “Pow!

      1. well

        He preaches as supposed down trodden majority right now. i wonder will he change his tune when he becomes the minority?

  1. Carlos

    It’s bizarre the way people are getting so up in arms about this. Transexuals look like men, that’s a human truth.

    1. BoredAtWork

      No, if this was an advert insulting Black people or travellers there’d be absolute war over it. This is the first time (that I can think of in Ireland) Trans people have fought back against an issue like this so I say fair f*cks to them for making a stand.

      Just cos it’s a joke to some people still doesn’t make it right.

    2. JC27

      I think you could say that about nearly any stereotype. Stereotypes exist because they’re true; or at least are representative of the most common/vocal members of that minority. The problem arises when that stereotype is used to hurt members of the minority, and the reality of it is that minorities need protection from the majority. Paddy Power wouldn’t get away with using racial humour, so why should they be able to get away with this?

    3. A4

      Hey Carlos… you say MTF trans people look like men. So that means that MTF trans people that you have recognised as trans…looked like men. To you. How would you recognise a MTF trans person who didn’t look masculine, which would disprove your argument? I think you’re falling victim to the confirmation bias.

      I’m going to make another pot of tea, maybe the world will make more sense then.

  2. Jason O'Mahony

    I would have thought Paddy Power would have been more put out if they became known as THE bookies for transgender people. They should flood a few busy branches, blocking up the place with time wasting petty bets on a busy race day. The regulars will piss off, and PP gets hurt in the pocket. That’ll learn ’em.

  3. spucks

    there’s a thing called transphobia these days? does not knowing that said phobia exists automatically make you transphobic?

  4. Ttable Whey

    This is really going to make all the stereotypical gamblers that frequent betting shops boycott their local Paddy Power.

  5. Paul

    Using a minority as a joke, while passing it off as a legitimate means of profiting, is akin to old-style comedians using LGBT folk as stock-in-trade material. It’s bullying and bullying is cowardice.

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