Marie Colvin’s Last Report



“What is going on and why isn’t anyone stopping the murder that is going on in Homs every day.”


Marie Colvin, of the Sunday Times, who was killed in Syria, reporting on the bloodshed in Homs this week on CNN.

From beyond borders:

Throughout her career she has covered many conflicts around the globe, most recently Tunisia, Egypt and Libya in the grips of the Arab spring. Although her area of speciality is the Arab and Persian world, she has also worked in Chechnya, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka, where she was injured in an ambush by government soldiers. She is a passionate advocate of on the frontline war reporting, stating “Our mission is to report the horrors of war with accuracy and without prejudice”. She has won the British press award for “Best Foreign Correspondent” twice, for her work in reporting the conflict in Yugoslavia, Iran, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe; the International Women’s Media Foundation award for “Courage in Journalism” for her coverage of Kosovo and Chechnya, and the Foreign Press Association’s Journalist of the Year award.

Sunday Times Journalist Marie Colvin Killed In Homs (Telegraph)

22 thoughts on “Marie Colvin’s Last Report

  1. Eithne

    Wouldn’t even have seen this report had she not died. Respect to her for all the brave work up till the last moment, and to the French photographer also. Bloody UN for doing nothing. And bloody world/us for not making them.

    1. Lu


      Her legacy and the legacy of all those killed in Homs should be us getting off our asses and trying to make this stop.

  2. Jason O'Mahony

    Desperate stuff. Was only listening to a report from her yesterday. By the way, it’s not the UN’s fault. A small country like Denmark participated in the bombing of Libya. Ireland, on the other hand, is a great country for demanding other people do things.

  3. Jockstrap

    What is happening in Syria is beyond awful. But remember that China and Russia have vetoed any UN ruling against Assad. That means that if the other countries act and invade Syria, there is a serious chance of all out war in the region involving Iran, Israel and Turkey. That will bring in Russia and the United States.

    That’s World War 3.

    1. B Bop

      Was just pondering that equation…& deffo’s to that outcome. Absolutely appalling murderous treachery & bloodshed in Syria…& now this superb journo has lost her life. Siiighs.

  4. orieldude

    If she had died from an Israeli tank shell in Gaza the comment count on this post would be hitting 200.

    Just saying.

    1. Cenfath

      Interesting Zuppy. Must admit I hadn’t heard of her until the reports of her death either but I’m not a Sunday Times reader. The plot thickens.

    2. Cenfath

      So I rooted out an old Sunday Times – well not that old, less than two weeks ago, 12 February. On page 22, two stories about Syria and not a single Marie Colvin byline.

      ‘Homs starves in shadow of snipers’ by Hugh MacLeod and Annasofie Flamand Beirut and a special correspondent Homs. And ‘We’ll fight until the tanks roll over us’ by Stuart Ramsay chief correspondent for Sky News.

      Why were they using a Sky News correspondent if they had their own woman in situ?

      1. Cenfath

        Doesn’t clear up anything in my mind. She could still be a spook. Would be a little less freaky if it weren’t for the symbolism of the one eye.

  5. Cenfath

    This is shocking. What a wonderful journalist, worthy of the title, not sitting in London in her cubicle regurgitating PR. RIP Marie Colvin.

    As for the Syrian people, jesus… what can be done? Can anything be done from here? If anyone has any ideas, please post them. This can’t continue.

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