14 thoughts on “Sleazy Nightclub Fatigue?

  1. Punt Printer

    Jebus – Maybe Minister shortfall has a point. “free bar fridays!…..pay a tenner in and drink for free for an hour. and then its 2 for the price of 1…………ah here

      1. CT

        How is Roisin Shorta*rse going to inconvenience these clubbers ?

        Is that a credit card sticking out of the advertising girls rear entrance, and is this how they swipe all credit card transactions ?

  2. Maro

    Am I just way out of the loop or is there anyone else who hasn’t heard of this nightclub before? Is it new?

    1. Punt Printer

      never heard of it till now. Ill be there on friday though. with a group smaller than 10. and i wont aggrevate the owners coz they sound like they are spoiling for trouble with clientelle. I will however binge drink for the hour and discount drink thereafter.

    2. Minderbinder

      It used to be Rios. Was renovated/changed about…2 years ago now I’d say? Around abouts then. Part of the Leggs/Bucks/Rios Leeson street triangle of 3am doom.

      Watching the various Facebook groups about this pop up over the last 2 days has been fairly hilarious. Absolutely awful handling of the situation by the NV staff – I’m sure the disgruntled customers could have been bought off quietly with a few free drinks. Instead they tried to ignore and/or shout them down. One “Boycott NV” group that I saw hit over 3000 members…pretty impressive in a 24 hour period.

  3. GEcko

    Was just on to their website. All you get is SITE SUSPENDED ACCOUNT OVERDUE.

    Looks like they’re finding it a little difficult getting customers through the door then.

  4. Rumpleforeskin

    I have a personal vendetta against those scumbags and their scummy clientele. I used to live in a place called Convent Place and every single night I used to get people p*ssing and sh*tting outside my door, roaring, shouting, fighting and shagging. Love if they got closed down…

  5. JMG

    I’m not all that surprised at their handling of the situation, seems to be the same people who were involved in the adjoining Kobra bar last time I had dealings with them. Awful handling of situations where they are clearly to blame and promising the world to get a booking are the experiences I had with them. Precisely why I refused to bring my company there anymore.

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