96 thoughts on “Wait…What?

  1. Ferret McGruber

    The noise is being made by a machine used to remove the stumps of trees.

    However, in this instance, it IS being controlled by aliens. Naturally.

  2. James North

    These sounds are all over the world! I wonder what is going on? aliens? or maybe there is another explanation that I have not seen.

  3. Tom m

    I heard it in cork about three weeks ago.It was quite different to this noise but I know that there are some strange noises in the sky.they are NOT all fake.

  4. Tom m

    Having said that though this noise sounds like some sort of machine.what I herd was like an amplified sound of metal bending or something like that.

        1. James North

          They must have very powerful sanders where you are from! because this sounds like it was coming from the whole sky.

  5. Tom m

    I have better things to do! I have to feed my parrot! :) ,It will be interesting to see if there will be more noises like this in Ireland on youtube!

    1. Jimmy Beej

      Like that one?. I’m looking through more and more of these online and each one is getting more weird.

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