Fresh Madness: Eyre Square, Galway, 3am



More Rag Week high japery outside Supermac’s in the wee small hours of this morning.

Thanks Des Foley


22 thoughts on “Fresh Madness: Eyre Square, Galway, 3am

  1. Jess

    So let’s see, nobody is getting beaten up, nothing is getting damaged, taxi’s are calmly driving in and out right beside the crowd and there’s an orderly looking queue for the taxis?

    Shock horror, drunk people a bit loud and want to buy chips . . .


      1. John Gallen

        David, you really are like some type of old school teacher with a ‘there’s yoof involved, there must be trouble’ type approach. Will you relax and go back to your knitting.

        1. David

          In fairness, John, I’m engaging in discussion, which I think I’m entitled to do. I prefer that to making pointed comments that serve no purpose at all.

          1. Jess

            So hang on, we’re looking at an actual video of Eyre Square in Galway last night, and you want to discuss what MIGHT have happened, because me describing what can actually be seen in the video is pointed commentary?

            What purpose does your discussion serve?

          2. David

            Ok, I apologise if it was childish. But I don’t think it was similar to being called and old school teacher and told to go back to my knitting.

            Anyway, the above video and that manner of behaviour isn’t my cup of tea and I think it’s redolent of a very Irish/British attitude to having a good time which in most other countries would be deemed pretty loutish. If it was a group of London youths, and say we didn’t know they were associated with a University, I think we’d round on it a whole lot quicker.

            Bottom line, I feel that it’s boorish aspect of Irish life that has, for some reason, become culturally acceptable and is almost used as a sort of social currency when we’re abroad. The idea that having a good time involves overtaking an entire city square, screaming and shouting, moshing etc to me seems pretty obnoxious and I don’t like the idea that, as an Irishman, I’m associated with a culture that deems that completely fine.

            Didn’t intend on getting up anyone’s nose, simply and opinion badly articulated.

            Je vais continuer a tricoter.

  2. John Gallen

    Hey Broadsheet headline writers, can you please change the title of this to ‘Orderly Youth In Galway Have Fun Nite Out In Large Numbers’.

    Oh, but that wouldn’t get as many views then would it?

    Pffft, non-story with bad headline, am I on

  3. Helen

    is it only me that is wondering why in every video the only word that is said is OLE. Which is neither English or Irish??? ok, now i’m confused lads!!

  4. Manny

    How have supermacs not opened a nite-club in Galway yet? They could be serving burgers and beer to that crowd.

  5. BlobBlob

    It looks f**king great! Ah to be 10 years younger! Reminds me of Eyre Square after Radiohead played The Big Day Out in ninety-something. Halcyon days!

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