Meanwhile, In Cork



13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

  1. General Waste

    @rtenews: Cork (Kent) Station closed due to gas leak. Dublin-Cork services operating Dublin/Mallow, bus Mallow/Cork. Cork-Cobh/Midleton suspended

    1. Fonglespore

      Cork won’t burn properly. It just chars.

      But you can then use it to draw funny moustaches on people’s faces, so it’s all good.

    2. B Bop

      Aaarrrgh BRILLIANT!! Love my country but WTF – Cork people & their complete sense of misplaced smugness!
      Bless them -we superior Dublin beings can only laugh condescendingly at their delusions of grandeur!!!

      1. Mr Potato

        you shelbyvillians and your hate hoots. honestly, the country is the size of a postage stamp. i believe dr seuss’s tale of the sneetches should learn you a lot.

  2. Pat Flanagan

    If it burns they can always open the dams and flood the the city again. So if Bord Gais doesn’t destroy the place the ESB will.

  3. Daithi

    The Brits tried it years ago but admittedly only the catholic side of Patrick street and the place still survived – luckily no left legged properties were damaged so they were able to write about it in their papers and offer rebuild loans from their banks

    1. shitferbrains

      Those who weren’t shot for ” informing “. I always presumed that that was a reference to anyone found guilty of having been able to read and write.

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