14 thoughts on “The 5000th JobBridge

  1. Mike Baldwin

    Beautiful irony. Although if one were stuck……this initiative needs to be erased from the annals of time…

  2. Trapper

    It’s been reported all day that the 5000 JobBridge posts is a success. Fact is 2000 of them remain unfilled, like the Cleaner/Canteen Assistant I saw advertised there today. It would be great to see a breakdown of the 3000 that got positions and how many of them will actually get a job – hopefully all of them, or course.

  3. Micheál

    Yes, yes, very ironic and all that, but what’s actually wrong with this job? The experience the person will gain looks like it may actually be worthwhile – certainly far better than shelf stacking or cleaning hotel rooms.

    If your problem is with the scheme in general, then fair enough, but this posting doesn’t seem to warrant particular criticism.

    1. Geckos

      Perhaps, though for those receiving the advice I’m thinking that an intern is probably not very well placed to run career workshops or coach people to perform well at interview (with – w/o training).

      But as internships go, certainly seems to be one of the more worthwhile ones.

  4. Jockstrap

    I know several companies who are not participating in Jobbridge as a matter of policy.

    It’s out and out exploitation.

    1. Trapper

      I’ve stopped using local companies who I think are taking the piss with this. I know all aren’t and there are some very good internships on JobBridge, but when I saw a local refuse collection company using it for drivers (operative assistants!) I pulled the pin on them.

  5. ding

    UCC are at it too. Advertising a post-doc research position at the dept of sociology.

  6. JK

    Smurfit receives thousands in fees from students each semester. Some courses cost up to €25,000 and all they can pay this position is €50 a week!

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