The “Low User” Standing Charge


MORE THAN 100,000 domestic customers of Electric Ireland have begun receiving higher electricity bills – because they are not using enough electricity.

A new “low user standing charge” was introduced by the ESB-controlled supplier with effect from February 1st, targeting customers who “use an average of 2 units (2 kWhs) or less per day in any billing period”.

Households not using enough electricity are seeing their bills increase by 15.5 cent a day, or €9.45 per two-monthly bill, or €56.70 per year.

Domestic customers have been informed of the increase in bill inserts, in some cases by letter, in the past fortnight.

Terms and conditions apply. Don’t they just, though?

Over 100,000 Face Higher Bills For Not Using Enough Electricity (Irish Times)

8 thoughts on “The “Low User” Standing Charge

  1. Sido

    Oh yeah Carbon Taxes! Did you ever wonder what they were about?. – Well essentially a regressive tax on the poor that made green politicians happy and reduced their whining.

  2. Dhaughton99

    Clowns! Not to mention that the customers who stuck with them when the other company’s were given permission to sell electricity, now have to subsidise the discount returning customer are now getting! Shame

  3. maria breen murphy

    Let’s penalise people for trying to improve their carbon footprint-it wouldn’t happen anywhwere else in Europe,it’d laughable if it wasn’t so sad!

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