Dear Occupy Dame Street


Moylough writes:

From a letter handed into the camp today [purportedly from Superintendent Joseph Gannon]

To whom it may concern,

I write in the context of the ad hoc conversations and consultations we have had with participants in the occupy dame street camp over the last number of months

I also write in the context of the upcoming St. Patrick’s day celebrations, due to be held in Dublin City centre over the weekend of the 16th to the 19th of March, next st. Patrick’s Day, as you will be aware, and in particular the parade through Dublin city, is an event that attracts huge numbers of tourists and visitors from abroad and elsewhere in the country.

An Garda Síochána is charged with policing the festival and our objective is always to ensure that all of the st. Patrick’s Day events and celebrations pass off smoothly and that all participants and the large crowds of spectators at the parade can access and egress the parade route without any risk or threat to their health and safety.

An Garda Síochána’s policing of major events is very much predicated on adherence to codes of practice governing major outdoor events and health and safety stipulations under health and safety legislation. In that context, we are concerned about the presence of significant amounts of wooden pallets and other hardware in and around your “camp”. at the central bank plaza.

To that end I am therefore asking you for your assistance and cooperation IN REMOVING THE OCCUPY DAME STREET CAMP in order to facilitate the holding of the St Patrick’s day parade and to ensure that it passes off without risk of injury or harm to members of the community and visitors and to the satisfaction of all concerned.I would be grateful to receive your response to this letter by telephone, e-mail or post at the above contact points by the 3rd of March 2012.

Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,
Superintendent, Joseph Gannon


61 thoughts on “Dear Occupy Dame Street

  1. bren

    Oh my god, their concern for public safety is nigh on facism. Naziism some might say.

    *crosses fingers, wants comment 1 to be Godwins law on this one*

  2. I Really should be Working

    About time I hope the Gardai break out the extra strong pepper spray and the extra large batons for this one.

    1. Joe Cannings Left Collarbone

      +1. Begone you shower of bleedin wasters. You are an eyesore to our fair City and an affront to this grreat Nation.

  3. paul

    I don’t think there’s any need for nastiness. I think that time and circumstances have moved the debate to another level now. I see no reason for an ongoing encampment. I think the other Occupations, like Vita Cortex, like Unlock Nama, have more relevance.

    Thanks to those that were involved especially at the early stages when everyone seemed to be against them. A lot was learned.

      1. Fat Frog

        Euphemism for “we learned to take it meekly and compliantly from the IMF, ECB et al whilst vilifying the Occupy movement, people on the dole and anyone else that made us feel uncomfortable in our complacency”

        Good work, keep it up, more grist to the mill.

        1. Joe Cannings Left Collarbone

          Yes because “Occupy” has been a HUGE success. Give me a break. Wasters, work dodgers, crusties. They are not wanted, and they speak for none of us.

          Begone. Good riddance.

          1. IrelandGuy

            “They are not wanted, and they speak for none of us.”

            They speak for me, someone who is employed and has no other defense against corporate abuse and spineless, disingenuous politicians.

          2. Joe Cannings Left Collarbone

            This is your defense?! Crusties with nothing better to do with their time than live on a street where they are unwanted by the majority of the people of this island? This is who are fighting your corner? This is the best you can come up with?

            How proud you must be.

          3. IrelandGuy


            Crusties with nothing better to do on one side.

            Politicians with zero competence and the keys to the country on the other.
            Where do I put my faith?

            Not with the politicians anymore, thats for sure. The protesters are not “crusties” or “lazy” they are more determined and self motivated than the majority of the working population; if you actually had a conversation with them you would find out for yourself.

            Have you actually spoken with any of them?

          4. Joe Cannings Left Collarbone

            You’d prefer to put your faith in layabout waters who sleep in their own filth? I’ll put my faith in the working man, thank you very much. If they were self motivated they’d get off their holes and do something, create something, contribute something. Wasters one and all. May they continue to be walked upon by the rest of us. I’m beginning to think you’re most likely posting from the camp yourself.

  4. Eamonn

    I’m not with the Gardaí over the issue but I do think they should move out for their own good to be honest. They’re going to get some serious hassle from pissed up teenagers on the day.

    1. Joe Cannings Left Collarbone

      This may be a reason to leave them there. Hmmm, you sir have given me reason to ponder.

    2. smurflove

      Damm I was hoping that we would have the spectacle of drunken pissed Dublin teenagers wrecking the Occupy gaff.

      Shame the cops tipped them off.

      The occupy dame street crowd are so deluded they would probably have tried to claim the Paddy’s Day parade was a protest in support of them.

      1. Dec

        Didnt you know that St Patrick as a member of the clergy with friends among the Irish nobility was clearly a member of the 1%.

        The routing of the Parade beside their camp is clearly an act of provocation and triumphalism against the local residents regardless of claims that this is the traditional route of the march. ;-)

  5. Willb

    I wonder how much hassle they do get on an average weekend? I know over xmas a friend of mine (merry on the joy of that time of year) was convinced they’d let him stay over because he didn’t want to get the nitelink. It took a while to convince him not to bother them.

    1. Eamonn

      Whatever it is, it’s not going to compare to Paddy’s Day. They have to deal with pissed up adults on the weekends. Paddy’s day sees thousands of drunk 15 year olds descend on the city centre every year. They’re the folk who are going to be the hassle.

  6. lolobomb

    Seems fair. The occupy lads have no idea what they’re doing, feck off for a while so the parade can happen and return if you want to. No need to paint it any other way than a logical thing to do.

    1. Kenneth Purtell

      But upon return they found….

      … a stainless steel Garda station built on the spot they had once occupied!

      That’s how I see it go down.

        1. I Really should be Working

          Because it is a pointless exercise that is achieving nothing other than to give lazy wasters somewhere to hang about between welfare payments.

  7. P Dawg

    I think it was always going to come to this, but I suppose the bigger question is, what can Occupy do after this?
    I do think that the camp (and I have to admit, I’ve been an observer more than a do-er) hasn’t been as active publicly as they were last year in recent months. Occupations, marches, demos – there’s not been enough of any to make the really big impact that the issues they’re raising needs.
    I hope this is the start of a much more mobile campaign, and that the Gardai go about this in a very civilised manner. I know which is more likely.

    1. paul

      I think that the people who were involved in earlier stages have already moved on. Hence the likes of the Unlock Nama movement, community groups strengthening ties etc.

  8. Pat

    I think it’s a logical request, genuinely intended in the interests of health and safety. I think we can all see the sense in that, given our experiences of the goings-on in the city centre on St. Patrick’s Day (I managed a restaurant in Temple Bar for last year’s one, and it’s not pretty, believe me)

  9. Rapscallion

    It seems ironic that they’d want to be rid of the Occupiers on the day we celebrate St. Paddy driving the snakes out of Ireland seeing as though that seems to be the occupiers goal too …

    1. spucks

      i assume because it provoked a lengthy debate on here last week and broadsheet are aiming for more of the same

      1. Joe

        Yep this was my first thought too. I’m no great fan of the polis in this state but that intro nailed Broadsheets colours firmly to the mast on this one. Shoddy.

  10. Dec

    I bet those Occupy Dame Street people stick their heads out from their sleeping bags every cold damp morning for the last 3 months and pray that this is the day someone will pay attention to them and that the Gardai will finally try to get them to move so they can just give it up and claim a moral victory.

    The worst thing the Gardai could do to them is promise to let them rebuild the camp on March 18th.

  11. CapitalEye

    … and the weather was just getting nice and mild. The deckchairs and barbeques were about to be assembled no doubt.


  12. Continuity Jay-Z

    About time too. The place is full of poo and rats and Socialists Party types. Not good for tourism

        1. Continuity Jay-Z

          Tell me about it. Someone else using my name and the mods deleting my posts. I can’t even post without it awaiting moderation. Very unusual. Most of the stuff deleted is real innocuous stuff too.

  13. Continuity Jay-Z

    Will the Occupy crowd be burdening the put upon taxpayers with the cost of their folly? I assume they will be footing the bill for the removal and clean up of the ‘camp’.

  14. benzlikeawillow

    If you have ever experienced St Patricks day, particularly from the vantage point in front of The Central Bank Plaza, It becomes overwhelmed with people, It’s very busy at the juncture. I am an avid supported of Occupy Dame St, particularly having witnessed it being dismantled here in New York. However, the reality is young Irish people get stociously wasted and cause mayhem every St Patricks Day, The wooden crates will be utilized as ammunition and will be strung across the streets, the Occupiers will become Occupied by revelers, remember what happened on the Love Ulster March on O’ Connell Street, ALL of construction fencing and material that happened to be there was fired across the street. The same will happen on Dame St. A large number of youths have the Premeditated conviction to cause mayhem and get drunk under the premises that it’s a bit of craic.

    The Occupy Dame St shanty town should be temporarily dismantled and their presence could be felt by them marching IN the parade, with perhaps some protesters on the site with signs..A significant number of Irish people do appreciate and support their cause(s).

  15. Finbarr Cullen Coop Out

    Well done Mannix Flynn (@mannixflynn) and the other members of Dublin City Council’s joint policing committee. Mannix demanded at last month’s meeting that the council do something about these dirty, combustible Dame Street protestors.

    Where does Mannix find the time, in between filling out arts council grants applications, expenses forms, and doing SFA about the littter piling up in his constituency over the Greyhound farce.

    What an arsehole. Where’s @poshknacker and his other buffoons now?

  16. cross-eyed cow

    I think it’s relevant that Joe Gannon was extremely ‘heavy handed” (more boots and batons than hands to be honest) when he was in charge of the policing in Rossport.

    It was said that the Garda Ombudsman wanted to prosecute him over his actions, but nothing was ever done.

  17. Snowdrop

    Can’t believe all the negative comments about Occupy here. Sounds like most of you are quite happy to take it up the ass.

    I’m with IrelandGuy who said: ‘They speak for me, someone who is employed and has no other defense against corporate abuse and spineless, disingenuous politicians.’ Hear hear!

    1. Pooka MacPhellimey

      Because clearly, the Occupy crowd are our only hope to stop such anal raping. They are depressingly irrelevant to most of the population and its time they moved on.

  18. Jo

    At least they are visibly protesting, not just sitting around the pub whinging about how f**ked the country is. Or sitting on the sofa watching soaps. I say good on them.

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