God’s Bad Joke



“Fate can be cruel if it’s tempted, You take a chance you lose your all. Nor can pride be exempted, for it precedes a fall,

What did we do? Who did we harm? What was the fault that caused such alarm? What we once had we can now throw away. All we do now is pray.”

Dan Boyle singing his self-penned God’s Bad Joke, live at Whelan’s, Dublin, on Sunday night.

Eamon Keane on the old Joanna.

Via Big Mental Disease

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13 thoughts on “God’s Bad Joke

  1. richard parker

    The transition from crap self-important public representative to crap self-important musician seems to come easily to Green party lackeys.

  2. PeteS

    Good christ, that’s awful. He’s an awful pompous prick, that Boyle. Probably thinks he’s a wonderful musician. Sounds like a rejected Disney song. Twat.

  3. Joe Cannings Left Collarbone


    F**k you Mr Boyle, f**k you the Green Party. You took the dreams of the crusty element in this country and p*ssed them up against a wall, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

  4. rugbyfan

    there are a whole pile of bands that deserve time on the Whelans stage over this tweeting head of a now defunct and not missed party!

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