12 thoughts on “Scenes From An Anti-Austerity March

  1. Minderbinder

    I completely understand protest marches for particular issues – nurses, NQT cuts, whatever. People want to protest against a cut they feel is unjuest/isnt the best choice available. I dont get these general “no to austerity” marches though. Do these people not grasp the fact that theres currently a huge gap between government income and government expenditure and that this needs to close? What do they propose in lieu of austerity?


    1. David

      Kind of agree with you on a simplistic level.

      ‘No more me being broke’ march would seem to be the order of the day.

      Fine, disagree with where, how and why the cuts are happening but you can’t simply march against a financial meltdown.

      1. Steve

        I havent marched in any of the austerity marches but in response to your question….

        The current Eurozone/largely German led policy of cutting to promote growth is simply not working. Aggregate Demand is on the floor, unemployment is still at 14% and our 10 year bond are still at 8%+. Simply put, as has been proven for the last 4 years in the entire Eurozone, a contractionary fiscal policy (aka austerity) doesn’t spur growth or confidence. Fiscal stimulus is needed in capital expenditure like hospitals, schools etc and tax cuts to help growth. There is a time to balance to books, I agree, but now is not the time. You do when there is healthy growth in the economy.

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