Waiter, Therth A Tooth In My Thoup


On foot of the Food Safety Authority’s See Something, Say Something campaign, launched last year, this just in:

In total, there were 966 complaints about unfit food, 497 complaints about suspected food poisoning, 446 about hygiene standards, 137 about incorrect information on food labels, 37 about incorrect advertising and 332 other complaints.

The authority said contamination with foreign objects was “frequently” reported by consumers last year.
“In 2011, these reports included food contaminated with live and dead insects; a tooth; a false nail; pieces of metal; plastic rubber tubing; and a plaster,” the authority said.

Specific incidents included a report of a small dead rodent in a bag of bananas, and a bolt “complete with nut and washer” in meatballs.

Consumers also reported concerns about food being sold past its ‘best-before’ date, where no information was displayed at the point of sale.

Food Complaints Include ‘Dead Rodent’ (Irish Times)


4 thoughts on “Waiter, Therth A Tooth In My Thoup

  1. Daithi

    I was one of the people who made a complaint about food poisoning.

    That was one rough weekend. I lost over 3kg in weight in about 4 days of constant vommiting and p**sing out my a**.

    The FSA got back to me to get more gory details and they did an inspection of the place where I ate, not much more you can ask from them.

  2. 30/30

    “and a bolt “complete with nut and washer” in meatballs.”

    Nobody going to make a screw in the tuna joke?

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