31 thoughts on “Spot The Typo

  1. Galwaygirl

    Most badly worded sign ever, few rogue apostrophes and a squeezed in unnecessary “s”… Maybe she should have paid more attention in the free primary & second level education before protesting the cost of third level….

  2. shane

    Patrick Fox’s Hypnotherapy Ad has a misprint in the phone number. It should be (086)2542326. He’s a Gastric Hypnotic Band Therapist, don’t y’know? Nice pic, Patrick.

      1. woesinger

        Gastric Hypnotic Band Therapy – a relaxing evening of show tunes favourites and easy listening with Pat Fox and the Gastric Hypnotic Band.

        You’ll literally feel the pounds fall off.

  3. NeilH

    Fee’s bring’s??? Also the mish-mash of capitalized letters. Also, did the fees kill a young person?

    Also, are FF rocked by O Cuív resigning, or that he did it as a “Matter of principle”.

    Cabbage for 39c is pretty good though.

  4. P

    Galway Advertiser’s phone number starts with +353. Just in case you’ve picked up a copy in Outer Mongolia and need the country code to call in a classified.

  5. Zubeneschamali

    They didn’t use the word principle, they used ‘principle’. The air quotes make all the difference.

  6. Cathal

    Brings me so much joy to see a bad sign at an education related protest… Even though I’m sure I agree with what she was getting at…

  7. Mr M

    Jeez you wouldn’t give her marks for neatness either. That bird is crying out for an eduacation at a basic level let alone anything higher

  8. Butnae

    EamonnO changed his electoral register name, so he is no longer “O’Cuiv, Eamonn” but instead “Cuiv, Eamonn O” in a cute hoor attempt to rise up the alphabetical listing of candidates and possibly pick up a few more confused voters votes.

    So thats another mistake.

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