6 thoughts on “Limerick Lag Week

  1. Marc

    The locals moved to those estates originally built for students to avail of the cheap prices. Now they are complaining about too many students. The local Gardai love cracking down on those scumbag students, just so they don’t have deal with some of the more pressing issues in Limerick.

    1. CT

      No matter what they paid for the house, they are entitled to live without some thoughtless tool digging up trees for there own amusement.

      Students live anywhere there is a house for rent now so it’s not restricted in anyway to Student areas.

      These guys are away from home for the first time, and haven’t the common sense to know who or how people are affected by their stupidity.

    2. well

      its one thing to complain about o man off them,

      But uprooted trees and burnt bins are tangible real damage

        1. well

          Sorry brainfart i meant it would be wrong to complain about the students simply for the sake of complaining about the students and misguided to expect cheap houses catered to students would be quiet.

          Getting pissed and playing loud music is one thing.However clearly these students have cause property damage, uprooted tree’s and burning bins.

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