12 thoughts on “The Horror Film Alphabet

      1. ElZilcho

        Yep, about five years. Including much use of his mother’s oven to make alien heads and so on. There’s a half-hour documentary (might be an extra on the DVD) in existence called ‘Good Taste’, detailing the making of the film.

  1. Georgie Mcfly

    A – American Werewolf In London
    B – Bad Taste
    C – Childs Play
    D – Driller Killer
    E – Evil Dead
    F – The Fog
    G – Ghost Story (i think)
    H – Hellraiser
    I – Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
    J – Jeepers Creepers
    K – Kingdom Of The Spiders
    L – Leprechaun
    M – Misery
    N – A Nightmare On Elm Street
    O – The Omen
    P – Poltergeist
    Q – Queen Of Blood
    R – Re-animator
    S – Scanners
    T – Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    U –
    V – Videodrome
    W – The Wicker Man
    X – Xtro (i think)
    Y – You Better Watch Out
    Z – Zombieland

    stuck on U.. G and X could be wrong

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