16 thoughts on “Anyone?

  1. Si

    There was a loud explosion and then smoke coming out of the drivers cabin, the driver was injured, not sure what it was though.

  2. BarryC

    Yeah they keep detonators for emergencies. If the train breaks down they will place a detonator on the track behind they so any trains coming behind them will be warned by a large bag when they drive over the detonator.

    1. Action Man

      Surely they would have to place the detonator a couple of miles back up the track for this to be effective. Doesn’t make sense. Must be used for some other reason.

          1. HectorRamirez

            AFAIK The train guard, gets off the stranded train and walks back (i think) 2 kilometres and places the detonators there…. was told years ago by someone who works for irish rail.

    2. Nukem Dukem

      This is the 21st century and they are still using detonators to warn trains coming behind them of emergency ahead? Do these guys not have radios or even mobile phones?

    3. Punt Printer

      Obviously a safe practice in that case…………….. What insurance company agreed to provide cover for carrying “detanators” in a bag by the guy piloting a train with hundreds of passengers on board. I am absolutely baffled by this. Unless they didnt know about the detanators………..

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