18 thoughts on “Coming Soon To Cork

  1. ffintii

    The pharmas are building this because of the high cost of electricity.

    This is a scandal

  2. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    wind turbines look good though, i dont know why everyone is against them

    1. Lan

      Agreed, I like wind turbines and the noise from them is far what some people make them out to be

  3. woesinger

    Bring back flogging!

    Oh wait, turbines to reduce our dependence on imported fuels and energy?

    No problem with that.

    Especially if it can be used to power electric flogging machines.

    1. General Waste

      You’re missing the point of Broadsheet replies – and indeed of being Irish – we’re agin everything and everyone who caused all our problems (except ‘we the people’ ‘cos it’s not our fault) and we’re agin anything that may help to solve them (including renewable energy and pharma jobs).

    1. ShaneyF

      Not by much – the only thing significantly cheaper is Natural Gas. And it’s CLEAN and RENEWABLE!!

  4. Kiki

    As long as they’re careful where they put them… sailing and fishing brings in a huge amount of revenue for the local area.

    Cork Week in Crosshaven brings in millions alone.

    But put them in the right places and both things can co-exist.

  5. Simon

    Well done Cork, this is fantastic, if only we could get rid of the two ugly chimneys at Poolbeg in Dublin bay and replace them with at least 10 wind turbines, they would be something to be proud of

    1. Jockstrap

      Are you behind the company who wants to knock them?

      Most Dubs love those chimneys. They’re a landmark, a visual anchor.

      1. Dave, Dublin

        Yeah, nothing quite has the “Wow” factor like to dirty big chimneys, and a bunch of decrepit buildings clinging to an outcropping of wasteland.

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