Meanwhile, In Syria



Secretly shot video footage aired last night by Channel 4 shows what it said were Syrian patients being tortured by medical staff at a state-run hospital in Homs. The station said it had obtained footage  at the military hospital in Homs, filmed covertly by an employee and smuggled out by a French photojournalist identified only as “Mani.”


Secret Footage Showing ‘torture’ Of Syrians In Homs hospital (Telegraph)

McCain Calls For Airstrikes On Syria; US, Europe Ask Putin To Aid International Diplomacy (Washington Post)

16 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Syria

  1. Enda

    It’s way past the time for intervention, I don’t care if it’s Team America, the A team, army rangers, power rangers or scooby doo, but someone has to use force to put an end to this.

    1. FatHead

      I hardly think Scooby Doo would be appropriate to send as military intervention. Scrappy MAYBE.

    1. Ttable Whey

      Can someone tell me exactly what “not independently verified” means?
      It’s important enough to state it, so what does it mean?
      I’ve no idea what is going on in Syria because I’ve never been there.
      The media lies all of the time to manufacture consent for a new war effort.
      You can’t believe anything they tell you.
      If you want to know what is going on in Syria, go to Syria.

      1. IrelandGuy

        You guys are wasting your time here, very very few broadsheeters will spend more than 20 seconds looking at the information you provided.

        I thank you for it btw

          1. Jockstrap

            “I’ve no idea what is going on in Syria because I’ve never been there.”

            What an idiotic statement.

    2. woesinger

      You know, linking to an article that leads off with “Is the crackdown on Baba Amr the biggest political masquerade since 9/11?” is not a way to build credibility.

      The rest of that article seems to be a long on conspiracy fodder and not a little one-sided. The author seems to be so blinded by the perfidy of the western powers (who are a pack of bastards, no doubt) that he can’t seem to understand that the Syrian government can also be a pack of bastards. The attitude is if NATO is against them, they can’t be bad. Horseshit. It’s bastards all the way down.

      1. IrelandGuy


        Yes there are bastards on both sides, but the key point here is that it is both sides.

        My main problem is that very few people ever talk about foreign influence in the region: Mercs from Qatar, Special forces from France/Britan, influence from Saudi Arabia and more.

        But I admit that it may come off as taking the Anti Nato viewpoint and turning a blind eye to the evils of the Syrian government – which I do not, I just hate the one sided view that most of us in the west always adopt from the media….

  2. Kenneth Purtell

    Far more media attention of a critical, and not a vanity fair type should have been given to this rat-hole long before now.

    Never-mind, at least we all know how awful every Palestinian ever has been treated by Israel/America.

  3. I Really Should be Working

    It was the Jews/Americans wat done it.

    Christ on a bike get a grip people, Arabs have extremist nutters willing to do disguisting things in the name of Ala, Israel has have extremist nutters willing to do disguisting things in the name of their lord, ETC ETC.

    Very rarly is it a case of the big bad boogie man bullying the little innocent.

  4. Fat Frog

    Robert Fisk wrote an interesting piece in Saturday’s independent about the media clamour in Syria- worth a read.

    There are atrocities being carried out by the Syrian regime as they brutally put down a revolution/insurgency (armed largely it seems by Western powers). I have no doubt that we are being manipulated via the media to support a military intervention. Whatever the rights and wrongs of military intervention, I have no doubt either that it will be serving other, less worthy agendas than democracy and the protection of innocents.

    I honestly don’t know what I think is right in this scenario and of course it is paramount that innocent civilians be protected in line with international law. This said, it is important to bear in mind that the allied intervention in Iraq in the name of democracy killed over 100,000 civilians and has left the country ruined, politically unstable and possibly more dangerous for those who live there than it was under Saddam Hussein.

    Whatever happens in Syria in the coming days/weeks, in the long run, democracy, peace and justice there or anywhere are not served by militarism and imperial opportunism.

    The arms industry is one of the biggest worldwide- military expenditure is estimated to account for 2.7% of the world’s GDP. In 2006 the combined sales of the top 100 arms manufacturers (excluding China- no info on what they are up to in this department) was over $ 315 billion. For a list on these manufacturers and the countries they are from check out The reality is that some nations profit greatly from war and strife whilst managing to push out imperial agendas.

    If we are serious about peace, justice and democracy we need to inform ourselves about root causes and look for resolution at this level instead of allowing ourselves to be manipulated into endorsing actions motivated be self-interest, opportunism and greed.

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