24 thoughts on “This Does Nothing For Gingers

  1. joe

    This is the angry ginger kid that posted a rather mental video on You Tube about how gingers really do have souls (pfff).

    Even South Park rather brilliantly parodied it with Cartman playing the part of the angry ginger.

      1. Jimbo

        Seriously. Broadsheet, try and keep it current please. You sound like some ecstatic child from rural India, who has just seen ‘The Goonies’ for the first time. This video is several years old.

  2. D

    This ranks among the most annoying things I’ve ever seen. It has put me in a bad mood, frankly.

  3. frank

    scientists say that gingers are on the verge of developing speech and a sense of humour and will one day be almost indistinguisable from regular people. The only thing holding them back is their red hair. They will always have that.

  4. McGrath's Domestos

    I LOLed and also thumbs-upped the comment on YouTube: “This must´╗┐ be the final boss of the Internet.”

  5. robbgoblin

    “Gingers”? What are we all f***ing English now? What happened to “red-heads”? Next we’ll be dressing like hipsters and using fixie bikes. Oh wait…

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