26 thoughts on “Climaxing, 1967

  1. cyclecrunk

    I reckon Mary Dillon used to get up to all sorts of scat shenanigans in the privacy of her home, with the priest blessings of course.

  2. Crackles the Cat

    I would love to go back in time about 30-40 years and kick the ever-living sh*t out of anybody in authority

  3. C Sharp

    With each new BNR “problem page” letter the respect I have for my parents grows.

    Imagine growing up in the fkn shithole that was theocratic Ireland.

    I was hitting my teens just as we started to shake this crap off.

  4. stone

    I don’t think the response was that bad… Other than presuming she was Catholic (fair assumption given the time place and the worry in the letter) I think it was fair enough.

    The writer regretted what she had done with her fiance, Mary told it was normal but gave her advice on how to survive next 18 months, acknowledging it would be difficult.

    Really not that bad

    1. woesinger

      Aside from the assumption that pre-marital sex is immoral, rather than just ill-advised in a country where contraception was illegal due to the stranglehold of the Catholic Church. That and the belief that a celibate priest is some sort of authority on relationships and has any business knowing what they do and don’t do in bed.

      So yes, aside from all that, not that bad.

      1. stone

        So when the writer says “we would not like this to happen again” Mary should have said “why not you frigid, go for it, aint nothing wrong with it”.

        And I think Mary said the priest could recommend some books to help a couple who have these values.

        1. Daithi

          Yes, she should have said “for Christ sake woman, 3 years? It’s no wonder your man hasn’t fecked off to Amsterdam and come back with his cock in a bag. You must be loaded!!!”

          1. stone

            This isn’t Dear Deirdre in the Daily Star, you may have seen there’s no photo comic with Both Worried in their underwear, avoiding lonely places

    2. C Sharp

      Shouldn’t you be attending an Opus Dei seminar on combatting militant secularism?

      It’s despicable is what it is.

      1. stone

        I’m actually excused at the moment as I have an infection from my cilice..
        Get a life would ya, I’m not being argumentative or holier than thou, I just am not horrified by the response in the context and in the time.

  5. SDaedalus

    A ‘you’ll be reading in braille for the rest of your life’ response wouldn’t have been as bad as this pseudo-niceness. The smugness about how she herself kept pure for marriage makes my stomach crawl; she sounds like the class lick, such hypocrisy.

  6. Cobweb

    “I suppose a quickie would be out of the question”
    “No,not at all,dear…….but you will have to wait 18 months”

  7. Daithi

    Yes, she should have said “for Christ sake woman, 3 years? It’s no wonder your man hasn’t fecked off to Amsterdam and come back with his cock in a bag. You must be loaded!!!”

  8. RainyDay

    “….if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Einstein.
    This poor woman thought she should be abstaining from sex before marriage. She felt she was lacking in something because she could not. The ‘expert’ assumed she had some degree of superiority because she had abstained for so long, what a crazy country this once was. People were kept down by crazy superstitions validated by an organisation that ruled people with fear and dispensation of guilt. This organisation was in turn validated by the state. Feel angry reading this kind of thing.

    1. paul

      don’t. let it go. they’re almost all dead now and we know that the whole time they were forcing this superstitious bunk on the shivering masses they were riding their kids. It’s good to see this stuff dragged up, it’s like seeing fine gael’s 5 point plan or the nuremberg rallies…don’t let people forget

  9. Tony S

    I’m from the tail-end of that generation, and believe me, we didn’t pay any attention to that bullshit.

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