Do You Like Movies And Live In Dublin?


Or more specifically do you like to watch movies with a number of your friends in a screening room with a little free booze and the film of your choice playing?

You might like this so.

Brooks 4*Hotel located a few  minutes walk from Grafton Street, Dublin,  is offering you the chance to take over their screening room on a Friday or Saturday night to watch a  film of your choice.

On arrival you and your friends will be treated to a glass of something before taking over the hotel’s state of the art screening room (above). All the winner has to do is turn up with 12 others armed with a copy of their favourite film on DVD or even Blu Ray or even video.

To enter, just name the movie you would choose and why you think your friends need to see it.

UPDATE: Deadline extended to 5pm Saturday.

Brooks Hotel

No money favours, etc. were given for this post other than the prize

217 thoughts on “Do You Like Movies And Live In Dublin?

      1. Ummmmm

        Casablanca was on general release three weeks ago: played for a week in cineworld, dundrum, IFI and others. 70th aniversary of film being made. And yes, it was great on the big screen: easily better than any film I’ve seen this millenium.

  1. Dave

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – A fitting allegory on living in Ireland today – Where everyone feels like they’re the only sane person in the looney bin!

  2. Baz D

    Casablanca. I love showing that movie to people who haven’t seen it. Watching them get absorbed in a film that everybody knows inside out because so many shows have paid homage to it. And it has aged beautifully. A truly remarkable film.

    1. Rapscallion

      Saw a special screening of it a few years ago, In the introduction to the film, the presenter said: I’ve some good news and some bad news. Good news is we found a print in good nick. Bad news it’s in French. So for all you non-French speakers, you’ll need to know the following: Bonjour, Hal – Hello Hal. Bonjour David, Hello David.
      Visually magnifique all the same.

  3. Ed

    Used this room for work does before, the Brooks gang are fantastic and its a great venue, feels v plush :)

  4. Stuart

    Indiana Jones, Raiders of the lost Ark – No childhood would be complete not to have seen this film. I would be helping people grow

  5. Eamonn

    The Last King Of Scotland. My friends need to see what brutal African dictators can get away with if they don’t share Youtube videos about them on Facebook.

  6. Joe

    has to be season one of Fr Ted. nout better then watching that with a gang and have a few drinks.

  7. Franz Kafka


    This needs to be seen because it is a truly remarkable piece of cinema that is all too often over-looked.

  8. Continuity Jay-Z

    Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon because my friends and I are po faced simpletons who like bright lights and noise.

    Seriously though Transformers 3.

  9. howbert

    The box set of The Lord of The Rings, I know too many peole that haven’t seen them and they must be initiated. Forcefully.
    Guarantee they’ll like it.
    (or else point break)

  10. Ronan

    The Big Lebowski. Why? Because we don’t roll on Shabbos, so we might as well watch a movie.

  11. Aoife Coffey

    Has to be Sunset Boulevard. An amazing film, so way ahead of its time and also ahss one of the most quotable lines in movie history, ‘I’m ready for my close up Mr DeMille’- Excellent!

  12. ciaran

    The Artist but I will advertise it as an Iron Man 3 preview ; so I can trick my ”Action-Film-friends” into seeing it as they dis anything Black&White, silent or even without Hollywood stars.

  13. Lidija

    It would have to be Fight Club. The best movie ever! It has Brad Pitt with his top off for the most of the movie, then guys beating the hell out of each other, and all to the underlining idea of how to take society down. RESPECT!

  14. VinLieger

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail, because neither me or my friends ever had the chance to witness the awesomeness of this on a big screen

  15. Darragh Ryan

    The Hangover- I would bring 12 lads with me and we would all suit up. We can make Dublin our Vegas

  16. mishapk

    Duh-de-dun …

  17. Keith Aherne

    One movie…this is too hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it’d have to be The Last of the Mohicans – Michael Mann.

    It’s just absolutely breathtakenly epic. The direction, the way space is used, the soundtrack, and what an ending…..

  18. Laine

    Resevior Dogs. Obvious I know, it I want all my friends to fight over who has to be Mr Pink.

  19. BoscoMcNeice

    Predator because it’s predator and the hand shake/flex off between Dutch and Dillon needs to be seen on a big screen with a few beers.

  20. Rachel

    How to marry a millionarie ( once he isnt a banker) cause its my birthday soon and Im so broke I cant even afford to go out!

  21. Escobar

    The Thing (1982) becasue it’s a man’s movie. There is no love interest or any silly romantic distractions whatsoever. In fact there isn’t one woman in the whole movie. Just a bunch of solid old school dudes living in harsh conditions with their minds focused firmly on the task at hand – killing a weird mutant alien from outer space…. ”You’ve got to sleep sometime MacReady”

    1. AnRastaSasta

      This is actually my favourate film of all time, the new prequel/remake was such a disappointment, the origional should be watched again just to purge it!

    1. Penitent Man

      Wrong, wrong, wrong! You really need to watch Predator again. Sort this lad out with a free screening….

  22. Kiki

    Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

    Because I lent my friend this on DVD almost a year ago and he still hasn’t watched the damn thing!

  23. Barry Dalton

    Alien … or Blade Runner …. both films were meant to be shown on the big screen and none so more than these two… plus as Dictator of the movie club … my word is final :)

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Think it’s more a case of a lot of people having difficulty finding 12 real-life friends. (Not just Facebook ones).

            But yeah – Blazing Saddles FTW.

  24. Is Mise Bart Simpson

    The Poseidon Adventure, Gene Hackman plays a priest. Pat Mustard rigged my mates milkfloat!

  25. Ciaránamo

    Can’t think of anything better than watching the Shining in a plush hotel followed by a few drinks in the Gold Room served up by Lloyd, the best goddamned bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine or Portland Oregon for that matter.

  26. In the Nama of the Fada

    Nice hotel. Stylish. Was it designed by the same guy who did the G (snigger) in Galway by any chance?

  27. Helen

    Garfield the movie – and i would bring my son (1 and half ) and my husband – and i would bring all his Creche buddies – and have Juice instead of Beer (for him) and wine for me :-) HE LOVES GARFIELD – and would be ideal to show him his first movie in a small room so he wouldnt feel intimidated by it all…. Pretty please – he’s a beautiful little funny lad, and full of character – plus i work on the Green, so would be happy to promote you to all my work buddies :-)

  28. Fill3rup

    HEAT: Best Cops n Robbers movie ever,DeNiro AND Pacino being excellent (before their later demise into comedy and shit cop movies) and hands down the most realistic and ear drum shattering shootout ever committed to Film.. needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible….

  29. Christopher

    Team America: World Police. Essentially a documentary through puppetry, my friends will learn about the life of the great departed leader Kim Jong Il and why actors are the most important figures in international affairs.

  30. Shane Langan

    Dr. Strangelove (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) because I’m getting tired of trying to convince my friends just how incredible this film is and, with this, I could kill 12 birds with one very funny stone.

  31. Dave

    RoboCop. Because it has action, drama, comedy, satire, a guy melting in toxic waste and then exploding, a robot throwing a hissy fit, a dinosaur and some of the best one-liners in film history.

    Plus, it’s f**king RoboCop.

  32. ronaldo

    It has to be Wings of Desire. Poetic. Uplifting. Under-appreciated. Under-viewed. Restores your faith in cinema. In life. etc. Compadre.

  33. Peadar

    Moneyball, so I can instil a little alternative thinking to win the Irish Baseball League with the Hurricanes. (No, honestly lads, it’d be seriously useful.)

  34. Damien

    Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Love the movie, but never got a chance to see it on the big screen, and would love to watch it with some mates!

  35. Sean Earley

    Oh it definitely has to be ELF! Christmas IS only 9 months away and Elf is for all seasons, not just for winter! Much like discontent it seems…

  36. Dave

    Kevin and Perry Go Large, going to a wedding in Ibiza in July and this would be the perfect introduction to life on the island…it would also serve as a reminder for friends to call me ginger pubes again!

  37. Alakazam

    Definitly ‘the snapper’
    A brilliant piece of irish comedy that will have everyone in tears laughing, what more do you want :)

  38. Adlers

    The Snapper.
    A classic Dublin film in a classy Dublin hotel. My friends need to see it to stay classy.

  39. Operation360

    It would have to be Top Gun. The combination of that room, beer, and the ultimate cheesy film of all time would make for a quite incredible night

  40. Drogg

    Aliens on blu-ray or predator because there awesome and very rarly get cinema showings or maybe tinker tailor solider spy. Black hawk down on blu-ray ohh yeah

  41. Matt

    Metropolis on the big(ish) screen would be majestic. Add some friends, family and a glass bubbly in to the mix and it all starts to sound to good to be true.

  42. dr.gonzo

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – because it’s how we should all live life.. (as if its our last)..

  43. jrh

    Director’s cut of kingdom of heaven. The theatrical cut was so atrocious – and hardly anybody knows it’s actually a really great film. HASN’T RIDLEY SCOTT SUFFERED ENOUGH? (I’m seriously evangelical about getting people to watch it)

  44. I Really Should be Working

    V for Vendetta; would love to watch it on the big screen hearing the 1812 overture and explosions is good. Plus I could bring the old man he has never seen it.

    Please pick me

  45. Fbira

    It’s a Wonderful Life because it is a timeless classic of a tear-jerker that never fails to leave the movie-goer in a great mood by the time the final curtain closes. A disappointing number of my friends have either not heard of this movie or not seen it and I want they to see it and put a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

    1. Nukem Dukem

      Jaysus man! I heard Brooks are going to turn it into an audience participation night.

  46. Murt

    ‘The Big Sleep’

    It has Humphrey Bogart at his droll best, an insanely convoluted plot courtesy of Raymond Chandler, an ace script by the mighty William Faulkner and the incredible Lauren Bacall, who is both brilliant and dazzlingly beautiful.
    I love this film.

    (plus I don’t even live in Ireland- it would make a great present for my mates who are still there)

  47. Queen Maeve

    The Goonies – Such a cool feeling watching The movie of our childhood altogether in such a cool place. Will tick every box

  48. Undertow

    It has to be Lost In Translation.So that everyone can leave the cinema with a mix of emotions they had forgotten they even had…& they can also root out their Jesus & Mary Chain albums when they get home.

  49. Travis Birkenstock

    Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’

    A classic that captures the excitement, action, and glamour that should exist with all cinematic experiences, especially in the luxurious setting of Brook’s Hotel.

  50. Beano77


    I want all my friends to come and witness the blub-fest without ruining it for everyone.

    “I’ll be riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere”….


  51. Sylvia Lynch

    The Shore – Ireland’s recent Oscar winning Short Movie, I’d love my mates to watch it as it’s really good and it’s not often you would get to see it on a big screen. If you are going to have a luxury movie night it HAS to be an Oscar movie. We could also watch Oscar nominated Bridemaid’s after, as it’s a greta movie for a bunch of girls : )))

  52. Punt Printer

    I would like to win as I will donate the prize to some orphan children I teach karate to. They have never ever seen a movie on the “big screen” before. Now that i think of it they have never been on the luas either so it could be a wonderful adventure for them. To view it would be Charlie and the chocolate factory ( the original ). of course. ( the story of the child with nothing who get everything because he is good )

  53. Conor Kavanagh

    To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve never asked my friend Darragh if he has seen it, but I know that he hasn’t. He’s of the bossom filled, testosterone induced visual orgasms that dominate Hollywood today. I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to inspire those around you, and I’d like to inspire him and 10 others with a truly good film.


  54. Joxer

    Peter Sellers in The Party….the best movie to share with some close friends….. birdie nom nom!

  55. Tuk Tukkleston

    I’d watch Bridget Jones Diary wit all me girlos and a few cheeky vinos, deyve ben der 4 me thru tick n thin and I love me girlos <3 xoxoxo

  56. Karl walsh

    ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’
    because I liked Typing it out

  57. the-bag

    The Story of Anvil. I’d like to see tears running down faces previously melted by screamng guitar solos.

  58. DickVanDyke

    It has to be Porky’s, just for the chance to watch that scene in the principals office with all my friends at once…

    “Can we please call it a tallywhacker”

  59. roisinlnd

    Film: Rear Window ( Alfred Hitchcock)

    Why?: I will always remember the first time I saw it and I think its a movie that stand the test of time and worth watching anytime. We are always nosey about the neighbours and this movie teaches we should be!

  60. Spaghetti Hoop

    One does not simply walk into Brooks Hotel with the LOTR box-set under their arm and twelve fellows from various ancestry.
    One would really like to try though.

  61. quinne5

    It HAS to be Taffin ……because maybe we shouldn’t be living heeeeerrrrrreeee (but we are!)

    1. Dave

      Jaysis I love Taffin! Especially while eating Tiffin! Taffin & Tiffin A winning combo everytime!

  62. Jen

    Would have to be Drive.A couple of us have seen it and love it but never got the chance to see it on a big screen.And the rest just need to see it cause its such a brilliant film!

  63. Hickbomb

    The Blues Brothers. A lot of people don’t rate it but i think its great!! Superb music from all the soul greats, hilarious antics by psychotic nuns with sticks, a brilliant car chase across illinois, Carrie Fisher with guns and bombs and John Belushi RIP!

  64. AnRastaSasta

    The Blues Brothers –
    Elwood: “It’s “a few minutes walk from Grafton Street”, we’ve got a full “glass of something”, a “screening room”, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.”
    Jake: “Hit it.”

    1. Escobar

      Ooh that’s a good movie. If I don’t win, can I stall with you and your mates? I can pick some of yis up in a stolen police car. Actually, I could steal a van and probably take all of you.

  65. McGrath's Domestos

    I’ve been trumped on: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Maybe the reasons will help in a tiebreak:
    Iconic story
    Fantastic cinematography/vistas
    Great performance from Casey Affleck
    Great character arcs
    For whatever reason didn’t make a big splash when it came out, so not many have seen it. The most underrated film of the last ten years. You want people coming out of the screening with the feeling they’ve watchign something special.

  66. Lorna

    Ok would love this have reconnect with friends from primary school and we are all talking of catching up they are great bunch of girls we grew up going to school and then playing together after school as we all lived in the same area but as we got older we lost touch one girls mam passed away to cancer and for some in the group we lost a male pal and as we got older we lost touch but now most have got in touch and have our partners and kids and now true Facebook we are connecting again and it’s fab to see what we are all doing but to all so go back in time and when I seen this comp I said omg would love to win as I found 2 videos when I was cleaning yesterday and they are off us in school doing a play so I am sure you could image the tears lol

    Thanks for reading my post :0)

  67. Larry Murphy

    They Live – Best fight scene in any movie, John Carpenter synths and timely message about consumerism.

    Plus guns, aliens, homeless revolutionaries and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

      1. Martino

        +1 – “I’m here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m fresh out of bubblegum”

  68. Niamh Lewis

    My Best Friend’s Wedding – I am organising my best friend’s hen party for the end of April in Dublin and this would be absolutely the best way to kick the weekend off!! She would love it!

  69. stoneruile

    The Transformers movie (the original cartoon one) because it is an emotional rollercoaster. A tale of betrayal , revenge and concequences with loads of deadly cars that turn in to big f**kin robots.

  70. Neil Delaney

    Fight Club : it’s the movie of the modern age, a movie about a terrorist organisation against capitalism, made by a hollywood studio, fine acting and the theme’s of it are very misunderstood, true it’s violent, but the core idea of fight club is women are the closest thing on earth to a god, they give birth, they have that power and until men can give birth we’ll not be equals, so man exist on base needs, and it’s all that through a magnifying glass that is a devolution of man, the saviour of jack is maria, without her (the only female) his story would be more tragic.

  71. LisaAthene

    The Wizard of Oz …. cinematic magic ! It’d be incredible to be able to watch it in a beautiful setting like this and a great way to lift everyone’s spirits by revisiting such a wonderful and timeless film :)

  72. Michelle

    The Exorcist.

    Was tempted to choose Amelie because it is such a beautiful film but I think with a group of twelve friends I think a horror film is more fun.

    Sure you can’t really go wrong with The Exorcist, can you?

  73. Peter

    For me it’d have to be “Weekend at Bernies”. I always tease my friends that should they meet an unexpected & untimely end that I would be tempted to parade their corpses around in my car with sunglasses.
    Unfortunately they don’t get the reference because they haven’t seen the film! I’d love to take them here & let them bask in the 80’s glow of this classic!!

  74. RW Pressprich

    The Trouble with Harry – I sky+ed this at Christmas but the previous programme ran over and I missed the ending! From what I saw of it, it’s a fine effort by the boy Hitchcock.

  75. fiona

    We need some ‘Deliverance’ we work with a few pigs and urban hicks. Will send photos of the bruises if required.

  76. Thyrza

    I would like to see Cinema Paradiso because it is my dads favourite film and I would love to do this for his birthday. He grew up in a cinema and I think it would be really special if he could have a cinema for a night to watch his favourite film for his 60th Birthday. His family cinema closed in the 70s and he still has the old projectors an other memorabilia from it.
    Please pick me so as I could give him this lovely present.

  77. Audrey Waugh

    The Wizard of Oz. As you can see from my e-mail address my nick name is Oz because i love the film so so much. Ive had this nickname since I was a kid. So I was shocked when I learned some of my mates have never seen it! To sit them all down and watch it on a TV is fine but to be able to have my mates watch it on a private big screen would be epic!!!!! Mind you, I may not have many friends after the screening but it might just be worth loosing a few!!!!!

  78. CT

    The Cat in the Hat, so I could take my kids and their friends to see this over looked movie.

    Their favourite film and they know all the words and the funny bits.

    Funny for the kids and their parents


    Donie Darko and take the kids next time

    Whats not to like
    Giant rabbit
    Paedophile Patrick Swayze RIP

    No idea what it’s about, it was playing in the Electric in London when it was first released, and I wanted to see it just from the poster. Had to be a member to see it in the Electric, and I had not won the Lotto

    It’s for the kids ?

  79. Colm2305

    Alien, because my girlfriend has never seen it and knows nothing of the chest bursting scene. It will scare the pants off her

  80. Mand0

    I vote for the The Snapper too!
    Hysterically funny and a real depiction of Dublin at the time. It’s the one film I will watch over and over again and still find it funny every single time.

    Irish humour at it’s best!

  81. Elaine O'Connor

    Greese or Dirty Dancing, nice to have a little sing along with the girls and a couple of glasses of vino, perfect!

  82. mark beattie

    the movie would be the classic Reservoir Dogs perfect to set me and the boys up for a lads night, watch the film a few beers then hit the bright lights for a cracking night out…

  83. Rusty Donn

    Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die..

    The Princess Bride, has to be… You may all give up now.

  84. Anne O'Hara

    I would love to have a screening of the New Zealand film “Boy”, a wonderful film by my hero, writer, director, actor, animator, artist, Taika Waititi,, it would be a celebration of creativity, independent film and the pure joy of cinema

  85. Tobes

    I think all my mates need to watch the original version of The Producers because there is no better setting than *Mel Brook’s own hotel to watch this timeless classic.

    *Brooks Hotel may or may not have any affiliated links to Mel Brook’s or and associated materials

  86. caoimherz

    The Little Mermaid, because let’s be real, everybody needs to see the Little Mermaid on the big screen

  87. Nukem Dukem

    “Once were Warriors” Damn those Maoris are tough..see it if you haven’t already.
    Or in keeping with that theme, how about “Warriors” now that’s how to achieve the waitcoat with no shirt look…. “Warriors come out to plaaaaayyy” and we can clink our beer bottles together.

  88. Fergal

    ‘Dazed And Confused’ My friends need to see this because it has the best soundtrack ever and the best story line. Which makes for great viewing in the comfort of the Brooks Hotel.

  89. Avril Doyle

    “Up”, it’s a BEAUTIFUL film on a big screen, saw it twice in the cinema when it came out and the DVD is nowhere near as breathtaking. Plus some of my friends could definitely do with seeing it and cheering up a bit :)

  90. Annie Mc


    I would love to see this in your cinema as I only saw it on DVD on my tv and was completely enthralled and I think the racing scenes would be amazing on a big screen. This movie made me cry, laugh and entertained me and I know a lot of my friends would dismiss it as a blokes movie but it isn’t, it’s about tenacity and surviving.

  91. SJ

    Darby O’Gill and the Little People! To show how you can make a fantastic Irish film in Hollywood.

  92. Sheila

    Aliens. My boyfriends all time favourite movie. I like it too. The first scary movie I made myself watch as a kid! My friends need to see Sigourney Weaver in this, legend character Ripley.

  93. 5 Gold Stars for Frilly Keane

    I would propose to hold a Dwane The Rock Johnson Festival.

    But to make the red carpet a bit more respectable for Brooks and the Hipster set, I’d open with the greatest character ever created Chili Palmer, with Get Shorty, the sequel Be Cool would introduce the Rock fest nicely.

    Please vote for The Rock Fest.
    You never know who might turn up.

  94. Quint


    Some of my friends have been through tough times recently and I’d like to cheer them up a little.

  95. David

    If you let me win the competition now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

    – Taken

  96. Peter

    Lawrence of Arabia.

    Many fo my friends still haven’t seen it and it would be fantastic not only to introduce them to this great movie but on a big screen which is the only true way to see the movie..

  97. Hazel Lake

    On The Edge , Starring Cillian Murphy….

    It is a perfect example of a low budget Irish Film that is amazingly well produced!

    The opening 10 minutes of the film is the best opening to a film EVER made. It contains a whole rang of emotions from laughter to sadness and also a fantastic music score.

  98. Thomas Russell

    The Godfather. My friends, particularly my girlfriend, should see it to better see how the world works, and because everything looks better in a sepia tone, and because it’d be nice for them to see me look smiley rather than with my default Diarmuid-Ferriter-style grimace.

  99. Natalie

    I am Cuba (1964) because it’s beautiful and perfectly crafted, and it also makes a statement about politics, greed, war, and love. I haven’t seen it in years on a big screen, and it’s the kind of film that requires patience (which is hard to get at a commercial movie theatre, when people are talking…)

  100. Elizabeth

    Dirty Dancing. I know it’s just a soppy film but a shameless amount of my friends haven’t seen it! None of my friends understand that no one puts baby in a corner.

  101. marc

    It would have to be Whitnail & I.I’v never seen it on the big screen and it’s a true cult classic, just for Richard E Grants perfect preformance of a pisshead having never drank in real life..
    “Even a stopped watch is right twice a day”

  102. Fat Frog

    The Motorcycle Diaries. For the breathtaking landscapes, the gorgeous Gael Garcia Bernal. the latino music and to poke a metaphorical finger in the eye of the Declan Ganley Brigade by screening this homage to Che.

  103. brendan

    Lawrence of Arabia: based on fact, superb acting and the cinematography can only be done justice on a large screen.

  104. Muffy

    The Lost Boys, because it’s great. Or Game of Thrones Season 1, that’d be amazing in a cinema.

  105. A.Tomás

    “On arrival you and your friends will be treated to a glass of something”

    A White Russian for me… for The Big Lebowski.

    Can just imagine the song, “Man in Me”.

  106. benny

    Glengarry glen ross, a great film. Id imagine the intensity would be great in a small screening room. Brilliant acting and the colours add a great moody atmosphere

    This would be a brilliant gift for my brother (qualified with a doctorate and has been working a jobsbridge scheme) who just got employed this week after 2 years looking for work and I’m absolutely delighted for him. He loves films the chap and he hasn’t seen this.Should give him an idea of working life,

  107. Brian S

    The chemical brothers new concert film. Ive seen them countless times live, but the only screening of the film was ruined by a few complete scangrats off their tits loudly proclaiming it “wasn’t as bangin as the prodigy film” whilst gurning and fist pumping.

    So I’d love a nice civilised middle class rave up in a nice private cinema! :)

  108. John Gallen

    Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

    The first 3D movie I’ve ever wanted to see. Werner Herzog takes you on a trip to a place in the time of mankind’s earliest pictorial expressions inside the Chauvet caves of Southern France.

    I’ve wanted to see these caves since I was a kid but the public is not allowed access :/

    A screening of this movie would be like taking that trip with friends!

  109. Mags

    Well a bitta Working Girl wouldn’t go amiss. I also feel like my friends need to be reminded of/introduced to this film.

  110. Fat Frog

    Akira Kurosawa’s Ran. Me and my kenjutsu friends need to see this epic samurai film on the big screen- no more to be said.

  111. Aoifdchief

    something hitchcockian…most likely psycho or The Birds, perect intimate setting to bring the eerie to life!

  112. Tadhg

    They are going to give it to the fella with the orphan karate kids who have never been on the LUAS aren’t they?

    That, or the brother on Job bridge who needs to see Glengarry Glenross (a film in which men swear and there are no women)…

    If I say I have a team of poor orphans who are on Job bridge, can I go see this:

  113. Amelou

    Good Night and Good Luck because the scrutiny of those times have increased imeasurably and it is more pivotal than ever that people are enlightened.

  114. liam

    There Will Be Blood

    Daniel Day at his finest, when he wasn’t punching the nose off the Queen in his Mohawk.

    My friends and I are all big Paul Thomas Anderson and Radiohead fans. Please let it happen!

    1. Harry

      I’ve got to expand on why I think it’s important for people to see it?

      Well, first off, it’s probably Hitchcock’s most technically accomplished film. He uses a fantastic mix of physical sets and camera trickery to create a living, and lived-in, setting for the story. It’s fantastically well acted, with Jimmy Stewart being obsessive, dismissive, dickish and still charming. Mostly. Grace Kelly is brilliant, and beautiful as the patient, loyal and courageous Lisa. As well as the two main characters you get a huge, unnamed, but yet well realised, cast of characters in the people sharing the sweltering apartment block.

      It’s sinister, tense and never lets you rest easy. It’s well acted and well made.

      It’s as close to perfect as Htchcock ever made a movie.

  115. LiS

    Jean de Floutette.
    Just watch in wonder at the beautiful story that unfolds, wonderfully filmed, and expertly acted

  116. Steve

    The Shawshank Redemption…. Why I hear you ask !? Because its the Shawshank redemption ! Nuff said!

  117. Rachel Earley

    Empire of the Sun – One of the classic movies from our youth, a young Christian Bale playing a stormer and never had the chance to see it on the big screen!!

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