Meanwhile, In Syria


Nearly 50 women and children have been found with their throats cut or bearing stab wounds in Homs, prompting hundreds of families to flee the battered Syrian city.

Homs Horror: 47 Women And Children Butchered By Regime (The Australian)

And in Afghanistan: Taliban Vow Revenge For US Soldier’s Attack On Afghans (Guardian)

26 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Syria

    1. David

      Do you think that can really be it? Surely inaction on something as transparent as this is an indictment of every association from the UN to the EU.

      You’re right I guess, but it’s just shocking that the US etc are so transparent that their only modus operandi on anything like this is inspired by the collection of oil.

      1. Jockstrap

        A bit flippant of me but I wonder what would happen if they had oil or a significant pipeline.

        There’s far more to this than the western media is reporting. There is no way that this is a homegrown conflict.

        The whole middle east is being shaken up and whatever it looks like when the dust settles will tell us who really started it.

        1. Joens

          My guess is that Monaghan County Council and Cameroon will be in charge when the dust settles.

  1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    no one ever thanks the yanks for team americaning shit. russia and china need to drop their UN resolution vetos but then when did they care about this sort of thing?

    1. Father Filth

      Russia and China sell Syria their armaments.. and are probably embroiled in other honourable merchant agreements.

      Sad to say, but , quite likely, somewhere.. a very skilled statistician, is giving a politician advice on the likelyhood of this just, ‘petering out’.

      Carpet lift, brush brush..

      The EU did such a good job in Libya.. various groups and interested parties probably have a very hidden desire to continue dealing with Assad, rather than a bunch of disparate, over emotional, religious head slappers.

      That sentiment would never be acknowledged in public, of course.

      Sorry to sound like a heartless _unt, but the throat slitting and associated horror, in Algeria, didn’t seem to bother the west, despite taking the lives of hundreds of thousands, for decades. What gives now?

      1. David

        That’s a good point. The idea of a revitalised, hard-line Islamic state that Syria could become, is not something the west want to have to deal with.

        The Arab Spring has seen about 4 countries effectively change from manageable dictatorships with greedy heads of state into potential thorns in their side when it comes to dealing with, what they deem, fundamentalism in the Middle East.

  2. Quint

    Everyone needs to see this. Rather than the censored, sanitised, ad-revenue friendly version of the news we get on Sky etc, images like these will shock people in doing something about it.

  3. Tommy

    I’m always amazed how one human could do this to another. The scary thing is that most people, myself included have within us the potential to carry these acts out in certain circumstances.

  4. Orieldude

    Too simplistic to say no one is doing anything because Syria has no oil; The murderous Assad regime is one of the root causes of all the trouble in the region. Their meddling in Lebanon alone ruined that country. The fact is Syria is too well armed to take on with unanimous international support. If the Russians and Chinese continue to support Assad we’ll all have to sit back and watch this kind of thing continue.

  5. dylad

    Well that is f**king horrible. On a lighter note, how are things with the burglar alarms in Howth….

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