Why Are Haters Hating So Hatefully Lately?


From Unkie Dave:

A quick read through the comments on sites such as TheJournal.ie and Broadsheet, not to mention of #OccupyDameStreet’s own Facebook page, show the voices of sympathy almost drowned out by a chorus of trolls bleating out refrains of “get a job you communist” and “Take a bath, you dirty hippies”, the vitriol is quite staggering, and, I have to say, altogether rather alarming.

Why is such hatred being expressed online towards a small group of people who took a stand and tried to make things better? The worst accusation that could be leveled at #OccupyDameStreet is that in the end it was ultimately ineffective, that it didn’t realise its potential for being the mass-movement for social change that those first few weeks back in October hinted at, that it failed to seize opportunities for working with wider groups, that all too often its gaze was focused narrowly inwards, not outwards, that it failed to see the bigger picture. But the majority of the attacks leveled against it are not for failing, but for even daring to try in the first place.

…However it would be an act of paranoia to suggest that all of the hatred being directed towards #OccupyDameStreet is the work of an organised campaign, although that would make it easier to dismiss. Nor can it simply be attributed to the triumphalism of other groups on the Left that Dame Street rejected at a very early stage, though there may indeed be some element of that on the part of a handful of individuals. My sad conclusion is that many of these comments are simply from ordinary folks, and judging from the profile pictures (if they are indeed real) and language used, many of these commentators are in their late teens to mid twenties, exactly the demographic you would expect to be out supporting a radical alternative movement.


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52 thoughts on “Why Are Haters Hating So Hatefully Lately?

  1. cionn

    Giving out to cover their guilt over their own inaction maybe?
    Denial about how bad the current economic model is?

  2. test test

    Id say that most of us are not the militant left wing type that ODS encouraged. They lost most of us when they labelled the working mass as part of the problem, whereas we all want to live our lives, work in jobs, pay our taxes and get on with it.

    They had no clear objective, the one sign that made me laugh every time was the one that protested everything, shell2sea, nama, tara, carrickmines. Id say no matter who was voted in, they would still find something to complain about.

    What would inspire people is intelligence, such as the video here a couple of weeks ago of the sheriff eviction in Laois, hearing someone speak that knows what they are talking about, and standing up to the authorities with the right atitude, as opposed to some young fella who talks in a fake dublin accent and covering up his face.

    With people like that acting as the movements spokesperson, they wont stand a chance.

    Ordinary joe soaps dont want to go out and get in riots, and fire missiles at Gardai, they at the end of the day are the same thing, ordinary people paying taxes, doing a job every day for 30 to 50k. Whats the point of trying to hit one of them with a petrol bomb.

    The real criminals are the property developers, the people that got rich. Tell them to set up camp outside their homes, because the rest of us are not interested in unintelligent protest.

    1. cionn

      ODS weren’t getting into riots or throwing anything at police. in fact they had quite a good relationship with them

      1. Sasha Musgrave Travers

        That is true. ODS were very peacefull and good, and trying to put their point across, and it is a great pity that they were evicted because of patrick’s day. They should be let to demonstrate in the parade, to reflect the mood of the country right now.

    2. Evil_g

      “What would inspire people is intelligence, such as the video here a couple of weeks ago of the sheriff eviction in Laois, hearing someone speak that knows what they are talking about”


      1. I Really Should be Working

        Unfortunately he had no idea what he was talking about neither did the Sheriff.

        1. Sasha Musgrave Travers

          yes he did, as he read up on the constitution, and it was the sherriff who didn’t know what he was talking about.

          1. well

            nope. that was absolute psuedo legal bullshit he came out with, they gave that poor man false hope

    3. Smearsch

      ”What would inspire people is intelligence, such as the video here a couple of weeks ago of the sheriff eviction in Laois, hearing someone speak that knows what they are talking about”

      Derp di derp, that fella was talking NONSENSE! The only reason the gardaí et al didn’t do anything is because there were numbers.

  3. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    Apathetic bunch of f**king wasters living in this country and sadly i am one of them.

  4. James Boland

    Ah sure it was like a little camping adventure for them. The most important thing is that they enjoyed themselves.

    Cos O.D.A achieved S.F.A

  5. James van der Kamp

    They achieved something. They created a degree of legitimacy for the government & troika because they served as a reminder that there was no realistic alternative. They provided an emotional outlet. They outstayed their welcome in the public realm so time to go home.

  6. robocan

    I don’t think any political movement can last very long without actually standing for something. ODS was so vague the mid-left couldn’t support it, the center didn’t understand it and the right viewed it as confirmation of their own ‘loony left’ propaganda. I mean, the whole thing came off as being a bit adolescent in the end.

    What are you protesting against? “People who are mean”


  7. Ed

    Internets reaching their intevitable conclusion. The more ranting comments section get, the more the moderates are dissuaded from wading in, until all that’s left is monkeys with typewriters. Pretty much any online discussion of either politics or social issues inevitably descends towards screaming matches and nastiness. Just look at twitter. Or worse, politics.ie. Still, sorry to hear that this level of abuse is being levelled at people that have never harmed anyone else.

  8. barry

    Irish people tend to internalise a lot of the gloom going on right now

    Increase in people self medicating
    in drink and drugs. Dealing with pressures and limitations of the living in a depression (or recession not sure which). Sadly depression and suicide rates are steadily rising.

    People tend to be suspicious of anyone who sticks their head above the parfait to protest. Seen as been sly and not to be trusted.

    Begrudging aspects in our culture. People who try to make a stand are often ridiculed, and labelled as hippies, crusties, hobbos or sinners. Labels are dangerous and making broad assumptions are not helpful for civil society.

    Unfortunely this country is going to lose some passionate, creative and skilled citizens who want to make a positive change in society. Perhaps in no small part to the negative and conservative fear of change embedded in this society.

    1. Mass lover...

      Me too…It isn’t just the casual racism, supreme confidence in prejudiced opinions and lazy logic, it’s the accompanying army of thumbs-uppers…Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but it’s depressing to see those who shout loudest winning, and winning easily in most cases…debate is impossible…

  9. brenb

    As far as the political/social spectrum does your typical ODS character is at polar opposite to your average person, hence the lack of support. The fact that some of them believe us to be political plants shows you the level of Jim Corr type reasoning. I will spend my life actively campaigning against them. I’d sit in the middle on the political spectrum, a bit liberal and a bit right wing. They contribute fuck all to our society and most people see through their insincere form of exhibitionist politics.

  10. I Really should be Working

    Probably to do with some of the below points.

    No really defined objective

    Some very odd spokes people

    Generally making a Dublin Street look like a dump

    Their we are better than you attitude

    The fact that most of them have no idea about the real world or could provide a credible alternative or even get remotely close to a policy that was feasible.

  11. Pedanto, the Hilarity Man

    Problems with ODS:

    1. That chanting. (That chanting.) Remember that? (Remember that?) it was embarrassing. (Embarrassing.)
    2. No clearly defined objective.
    3. No strategy to achieve anything.
    4. Accommodating a grab-bag of different issues, each one alienating another tranche of potential supporters. So I have to be anti-fracking, pro-PLO, pro-Greece, anti-union, anti-EU, something about Shell, something about the Supreme Court, and on and on and on. Just pick one next time.
    5. Writing in marker on the wood. Don’t vandalise my city and ask me to support you.
    6. The huge arrogance of attributing every lack of support to laziness or sheeplehood or not understanding the issues.
    7. Utter disorganisation, even about accepting help.
    8. “There’s a media blackout!” “Well, there was!” There wasn’t. Grow up.

    Problems with internet comment threads:

    1. It’s the internet. Stop mistaking it for people.

  12. John Gallen

    My tuppence worth:

    Broadsheet allows a user to vent freely, it’s the whole point of it.

    I find it is largely self regulating and there’s enough people on here to tell a spanner from a wanker or a wagon / troll-ey riding pot stirrer from any other.

    I mean, look at all the abuse Jockstrap has got in the past month! I think he should’ve been given more!!

    Broadsheet is what it is, it is not a barometer…. it’s a cork on the tide with moods that run a little higher or lower than the light watchmen would prefer… tuppence spent.

  13. Larry Murphy

    Perhaps the ODS crown and their supports should realise that people have a real aversion to ‘lifestyle’ socialists/anti-capitalists/environmentalists etc etc. I believe people really do want an alternative and are indeed angry with the current situation both here and globally but camping outside a central bank which has had it’s power and credibility taken away by the ECB/EU/IMF and banging on about every righteous campaign in the world was tiresome. Real politics, real policies might radicalise people but ODS is the hipster equivalent of a demo and evokes the same reaction.

  14. Listrade

    This is nonsense. Increased Vitriol? Pffft, try going into Boots and getting a pack of Vitriol without the third degree by the pharmacist these days. Frickin nanny state.

    Other than that, he’s right. What is wrong with you people and all your hate? What has this place come to? I’m ashamed that the downtrodden 99% (who are on a global scale are among the top 5% of wealth holders) can’t protest against those in the top, top 1%. Since when can’t we show anger by pitching a tent and eating rice and beans because some people have more money than us and we’re probably going to have to have a tighter social welfare and social ambulance system?

    It’s irrelevant that we’ve achieved so much, that even with economic terrorism of past governments, we’ll probably never ever really witness true poverty again, only “relative”. So shut your fascist mouth for even pointing that out.

    Haters are just going to hate and I read every single comment on every single website and take every single negative, disagreeing view to heart and will take them with me to the grave. Not a night has gone by since Al Gore invented the web that I haven’t cried myself to sleep over the pain and torture of illiterate, ill informed views expressed on a comments section.

    My pain is 4 real, my au pair says so.

  15. Kolmo

    Anyone who sticks his/her neck out in Ireland in branded mentally ill or a communist. Why protest? is the attitude, maybe it is a dispondancy masquarading as an argument or just as Bertrand Russell said “some people would rather die than think” and get bought off with ipads and reality tv, or something.. I hope someone protests when they fk you (the haters) over unfairly…doubt it.

  16. Josh

    If people really wish to support such myopia, then they deserve their country ruined…

    What do you do when a fascist right-wing government fails and f**ks you over? Vote in a more fascist right-wing government…the country is full of morons. Enjoy your life of hatred…your kids will love you for the country you’re creating for them.

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