Boris Johnson: Sorry, Paddy


“I’ll tell you what makes me angry – lefty crap,” he thunders in response. Like? “Well, like spending £20,000 on a dinner at the Dorchester for Sinn Fein!”

(Boris Johnson interviewed by Jemima Khan in the New Statesman, 9 Feb, 2012)


In a letter released yesterday, Mr Johnson, who has fallen behind in the polls after months during which he enjoyed a comfortable lead, apologised for the New Statesman row, but claimed the issue had been exploited to suggest he had anti-Irish feelings.

“There has been real and admirable progress in the fight against any lingering anti-Irish sentiment in London and it is deeply upsetting that people have alleged that I harbour such feelings,” he told Catherina Casey, who chairs the city’s St Patrick’s Day Advisory Forum.

The issue of Mr Johnson’s relationship with London’s Irish has emerged again this week, days before the City Hall-funded St Patrick Day’s parade to Trafalgar Square, as it emerged that the mayor, yet again, is not planning to attend.

Johnson Apologises To London Irish For St Patrick’s Day Slur (Mark Hennessy, Irish Times)


9 thoughts on “Boris Johnson: Sorry, Paddy

  1. H

    Believe me, no one here wants that gobshite at our day out so I don’t think we feel slighted at all…..just looking forward to Ken, without whom there wouldn’t be a London St. Patrick’s Day Festival, attending as mayor next year :-)

  2. W

    Boris is a legend and he is right, who would want to share a dinner with Sinn Fein? thats like going for lunch in Mountjoy…

    1. The End

      People who exercise their free will might choose to have dinner with Sinn Fein.

      Boris apologised, so he was not right:
      “Accepting yesterday that he was wrong, Mr Johnson acknowledged in a letter to Ms Casey that the dinner had been “self-financing but had been backed by a Greater London Authority contingency” guarantee.”

      Time will tell if he is a legend but it seems unlikely.

      1. cluster

        Why? Because Sinn Féin are the trendy, anti-establishment party with the violent edge?

        They have leveraged that reputation to get themselves into power in the North. Despite the masses of UK exchequer funding, NI isn’t exactly a socialist paradise.

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