Senator Marc MacSharry (Sligo/Leitrim)

He believes some comments on and are “legalised subversion of the state”.

As opposed to a late-night secretive deal done in September 2008 which condemns generations to etc, etc.

Senator Marc MacSharry Atttacks (

27 thoughts on “Sad FF Is Sad

  1. Sido

    Double Guy Fawkes masks all round.

    Poor Ol’ Marc – The peasants truly are revolting – But with wankers like you – who needs to subvert the state?

  2. Drogg

    I have had enough of these idiots in power. Between a nobody senator who’s not even elected to office, to another unelected senator david norris saying we need to have laws to change the irish way of life because of what he saw on that factual documentary tallafornia. This used to be a country of free speech, what happened? This infuriates me too see these losers who can’t get with the times, and badmouth the last great tool of free speech

    1. Jay

      Eh…Senator Norris was elected, albeit by a smaller constituency than that used to elect a TD. Still, get your facts right.

      Also, Tallafornia a factual documentary, now who’s the idiot?! Most of the ‘characters’ in that tripe aren’t even from Tallaght and are catapulted into a loose-script based drama which happens to feed their egos. If freedom of speech means having to listen to the rubbish you just came out with then a lot of people have died in vain.

      Just saying…

  3. Tom Red

    Web definitions:
    corruption: destroying someone’s (or some group’s) honesty or loyalty; undermining moral integrity;

    From a Fianna Failer?

  4. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    Senator MacSharry, this is sh*tstorm. Sh*tstorm, Senator MacSharry. Now if you’ll excuse me…

  5. atswim

    I know about Godwins law but this is a fascist thing to say. What a wanker. Shame on the people who elected him oh wait nobody did.

  6. AmeliaBedelia

    When’s that Tribunal Report due out? Y’know the one that cost the Irish taxpayer/citizen in the region of a quarter of a billion euro. And indeed, contains more (albeit whitewashed) “subversion of the state” (by members of all establishment parties) than any commentator on boards or could attempt in a lifetime.

    The insiders – media, PR companies, business and state-elites – are finally getting some of the scrutiny they deserve, and not unsurprisingly, they are fearful for what that might entail. There is only a veneer of democracy in this state, and already, via the internet, the cracks are beginning to show. Get ready for the great ‘clampdown’ (ACTA, SOPA and its derivatives) online. Nothing in our constitution entitles Irish citizens to free-speech in the American understanding of the term. The state has always ‘legally’ rough-handled those who would speak against the status-quo. Cf. Blasphemy and libel laws, and ‘prejudicial’ speech to see how its done.

    1. Sido

      True – The good news is they need to learn how to collect a f**kin’ poll tax – before they try anything vaguely ambitious – by the way civil pacification.

    2. AmeliaBedelia

      What the dumbf**k actually said (via

      Just following on from the theme that Senator O Murchu mentioned with our national holiday coming up this weekend I think that advertising standards should also be looked at at this moment in time when one can buy a tshirt in the Penneys store at the moment which simply says “Irish today drunk tomorrow”. I don’t think that such merchandise should be permitted.

      Can I.. Can I.. The main reason I wanted to make a point was to call for a debate on the media in general ah leader, similar to the themes that have been raised to do with the Presidential debate or whatever. But I think the problem eh nationally is we preside over a media that we constantly praise for their integrity but the reality is we don’t have any reportage in this country what we have is not newspapers but viewspapers. We don’t have a national broadcaster that reports news we have a national broadcaster who reports a complexion they wish to place on the facts that are promoted per day. And it doesn’t matter who’s in government frankly whether it’s Fine Gael and Labour whether it’s Fianna Fáil amd Sinn Fein.

      I do have a question I’m calling for a debate in the context of that eh I’m making a point. It’s the same in eh we all want free speech when people are tweeting or texting or online where we have and, for me frankly that doesn’t amount to free speech what it amounts to is legalised subversion of the state. I think it’s fundamentally wrong. What we need is somebody some media that reports that facts because as we often praise eh the people of this country for being amongst the most educated in the world and my god they’re prepared to make their own decision based on the facts if presented not as presented by the editorial staff within RTE or whatever news media and finally can I say and this is a very worrying issue and I intend to raise it privately with the leader and all should be aware there’s a very major news agency in this country in charge of quite a few regional newspapers who have instructed that there staff not to print any news releases from members of Seanad Eireann and I think that is something we need to address.
      Senator Marc McSharry in the Seanad during the Order of Business

      On review, not worth worrying about.

        1. The End

          Not so bad? He wants to control what appears on T-shirts in Penneys.

          “ and, for me frankly that doesn’t amount to free speech”
          – He doesn’t like what people are saying. How is that causing any damage to the state?

          His FF mates are more of a subversion of the state.

          1. AmeliaBedelia

            And also (now I’m just being vindictive) Check out the big brains on Mack’s son!!!

            Subverse this:

   (via politics ie:

            And (, especially The Gravy Train: Salary and Expenses (just shy of half a million euro 2005-8 as a TD; from data collated by Gavin Sheridan at, and Declarations of Interest (many in his neck of the woods). As a Senator?

            Also, for Ray and Marc in action: ‘MacSharry loses land deal application’: (via Irish Times:

  7. Sendog

    maybe he should look a little closer to home for subversion!! His daddy famously used garda tape recording equipment to secretly record cabinent colleagues!!

  8. Maguffin

    What we are seeing is a sustained, slightly hysterical attack across a broad range of media these types of guys deeply resent and don’t really get.

    It’s the same tactics that have been used for years by the Right and their backers in the US. Shout loudly, make accusations of bias. Force responsible media organisations to play by the rules while you twist facts, conflate events and basically lie.

    If the opposition are explaining, they are losing. If they try to respect the rules, (look at polite, try-to-be impartial CNN in the US) they are losing. If they try to be just as impartial, they fail (MSNBC) because they don’t have the anger and bad-faith it takes to be able to sustain a campaign of lies and vilification, a wilful ignorance of the facts.

    And if you passively agree, if you think, “they might have a point, I don’t like that radio station or that presenter” – that’s all they need.

    These guys have been hurt. Now they are angry. It’s payback time. And they are coming after anybody they see as the enemy, “biased” broadcasters, social media which gives the plebs as much of a say as they have, uppity journos who keep asking awkward questions.

    So either wise up or accept the fact that once they have cut the bollix off the Irish media, you’ll have long nights of docs about dogging to look forward to.

    1. Sido

      “So either wise up or accept the fact that once they have cut the bollix off the Irish media, you’ll have long nights of docs about dogging to look forward to.” – Like we should be that f**kin lucky!

  9. The End

    MacSharry – you are only in the Seanad because your surname is MacSharry.

    You are only in the Seanad because it is not democratic.

    When are the useless FG/LAB gombeens going to get rid of that waste of our scarce money?

  10. Raymond

    Him and his FF mates destroyed thi country with their greed and gombeen incompetence. I’d happily live in a poor, corruption-free State rather than see that shower of scum ever return to power, which they won’t, or have to live in that disgusting kitsch and crass period of the ‘celtic tiger’ years.

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