8 thoughts on “The Other Kind Of Hacking Latest

    1. Bronzen

      No mate, thats the bad hacking, when you hack something bad, for the right reasons.

      This is OK hacking, its when you hack something nothing to do with you to further your media career using a technique that any 15 year old could tell you how to do before this broke.

      So in summary: Hack Paypal? Bad
      Hack Garda phone? Bad
      Hack dead girls voicemail? OK

      1. cluster

        What strawman are you attacking here? There has been a huge outcry (probably over the top) about the ‘OK’ hacking. The story above refers to a number of arrests.

  1. Sido

    Charged with Perverting the Course of Justice. – That’s a big one in the UK. (Not a slap on the wrist)
    The good news is that Rebekah’s lovely locks will match her orange jumpsuit..

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