So You Saw Kevin Myers’ Column Then?



Oh come on.

Surely, he was only saying what we’re all thinking?

What about a woman’s right to choose? Well in Britain, that has just run into the moral brick wall of selective abortions, whereby mothers of Asian origin are having sex-scans, and then having the foetus aborted if female. Sorry: what was that mantra about “a woman’s right to choose”? The recent feminist indignation in Britain over this “gendercide” would almost be entertaining if the moral complexity and implicit human tragedy were less horrifying (the foetus has to be well-advanced before her sex can be identified, at which point the little girl is beheaded in utero, before the inconvenient she-matter is hosed out of the womb). Consequence, you see; every single human decision has a consequence. It’s as well to remember that the next time you vote for someone’s “rights”.


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44 thoughts on “So You Saw Kevin Myers’ Column Then?

  1. Mark Dennehy

    Leaving aside the point that Myers is basicly chap who whores his name as a professional troll in order to provoke the Irish Mammy “OH, THAT’S TERRIBLE quickbetterbuyacopytobescandalisedagainbecausethatwasfun!” reaction so that the Indo’s marketing department can sell more ad space…

    …doesn’t reposting any of that article trigger all manner of fun regarding copyright and Sean Sherlock’s latest SI?

  2. Listrade

    Oh and he actually goes on to compare liberalisation of homosexuality to Vietnam. He. Actually. Compared. Them.

    1. Three Broadsheets to the Wind

      “I saw two dudes kissing, it was my ‘Nam”. – may or may not be an actual quote.

  3. Declan

    Jesus, does Myers have some sort of lottery system when it comes to what he writes about?

    *reaches into hat*


    *lucky dip again*

    Ridiculous comparison

    *third time lucky*

    Vietnam War

    …pretty sure I can stretch that over a few hundred words!

  4. limey_tank

    He also tends to be badly informed. I remember some of his comments regarding evolution being very….odd.

    Badly informed, willfully ignorant, or controversial for money?

      1. Fat Frog

        Agree. Journalism was once a highly respectable profession- bring it back, that is what I say, along with quality and ethical standards in journalism. Is this too much to ask?

    1. Joens

      Nice analysis on your blog.

      “the liberalisation of the laws against homosexual acts” caused “250,000 deaths from AIDS”.
      “the price for male homosexual liberation was around four times the death-toll of Vietnam”.

      What about the liberation of alcohol laws?
      What about the liberation of gun laws?
      Of course, they have zero relation to any deaths or illness.
      And that is why anyone who drinks or can purchase a gun can’t adopt.

  5. orieldude

    Leaving Kevin Myers aside for… eternity or so, there is an issue here:

    It’s a very complex issue, with many factors (for example if certain countries didn’t have patriarchal societies, or didn’t treat women like second class citizens or worse, then mothers/parents wouldn’t feel the need to abort unborn females).

    Nonetheless it is still a fact that while a woman should have the right to choose, abortion should be a rarity. No woman in these times that doesn’t want to get pregnant should get pregnant… if that means worldwide, over the counter, WHO-paid for supply of contraception then so be it. I’m also inclined to believe that a man that doesn’t cover up should be guilty of some kind of crime (haven’t thought that one through entirely)

    1. alfla

      That’s a very good point. And while we’re all sexy sexy Samanthas nowadays, the fact is that even in a conservative country like the US abortion rates have plummeted since 1990 – due to contraceptive education.

    2. cluster

      Even in a society of full equality, there will still be rape, failed contraceptives, irresponsibility, alcohol, drugs, etc. and thus there will still be unwanted pregnancies.

      And a, ‘man that deosn’t cover up should be guilty of some sort of crime.’ WTF? Is this just a troll?

  6. Kefu

    Perhaps Mr Myers’ article has fallen victim to his own moderators for his ‘consistency’ in being abusive and tasteless. As the Indo points out: ‘Comments that are judged to be defamatory, abusive or tasteless will not be approved and contributors who consistently fall below these criteria will be permanently blacklisted.’

  7. Stevie Nicks

    Wow, thanks Kevin! What an informative and not at all hate fuelled article.

    If there’d been no liberation of gay rights in the US, then AIDS would never have happened?! Excellent stuff.

  8. Mick Quinn

    Did I miss a meeting? Surely it’s possible to be *against* the idea of “selective abortion if the foetus is a girl”, *and* at the same time be *against* Kevin Myers ….

  9. MyloD

    Typical Myers – erect a straw-man argument and throw in a few random statistical correlations. He doesn’t seem to:

    a) understand that gender selective abortions are a different issue. When we refer to a woman’s right to chose, we don’t mean gender. That’s a whole different ballgame verging on Eugenics.
    b) understand that correlation does not imply causation. Gay men didn’t die from anal sex. They died because a virus was most conveniently, but not exclusively, transmitted in that fashion (and remember that anal sex isn’t only enjoyed, or otherwise, by gay men).

    1. woesinger

      Similarly – his [citation required] stat that 90pc of jail-inmates were the product of fatherless homes.

      The correlation does not imply a causation.

      1. alfla

        On the citation required note, can’t find any evidence of that. DOJ in US put figure at 39% in 2002, a long way off.

        1. Stewart Curry

          Plus what % are in prison that have lesbian mums? It’s probably a really low number, which proves kids should be adopted by lesbians so they don’t become criminals

          1. alfla

            Oh didn’t you realise? There’s no such thing as lesbians.

            That’s why it’s important to bring up AIDS and pecs whenever talking about gay rights.

          2. Brin-Brew

            I remember reading a paper about child abuse by parental makeup, and not only were lesbian parents the least likely to be abusive, there were literally no reported cases

      2. Listrade

        Plus he correlates Single Parent Families with Same Sex Parents. Plus the report failed to account for socio-economic causation comparing parents in middle class areas with single parents in deprived areas. Plus the report was supported by a Christian Right “Family” lobby group.

        Plus he’s one odious nob.

  10. Sean OG

    He is a vile hate mongering cretin. Journalism like this makes my skin crawl. All opinion backed up by incorrect statistics to back up an despicable point of view. The Independent is a seriously embarrassing publication and will remain so as long as they keep employing such moronic headcases

  11. Daithi

    I love this bit by the Indo

    “Comments that are judged to be defamatory, abusive or tasteless will not be approved and contributors who consistently fall below these criteria will be permanently blacklisted. Comments should be concise and to the point. The moderator will not enter into debate with individual contributors and the moderator’s decision is final.”

  12. OscarTheFuzz

    Selective abortion was well know in Scotland many years ago … I had a conversation with an expectant father who was living in Glasgow and they said the hospital would not tell them the sex of the foetus because of problems with certain religious groups aborting females. That was about 8 years ago….

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