Yeah, What’s So Great About Canada?


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Apart from all that?

Diaspora, Directed by Barbara Deignan and Cian McDevitt.

The new Irish settle in Toronto.

They don’t miss us at all, you know.

Music by Valery Gore

Diaspora (Facebook)

Thanks Simon Judge

15 thoughts on “Yeah, What’s So Great About Canada?

  1. OscarTheFuzz

    I have to weigh in on this…
    some of us do feckin miss Ireland .. and not just for black puddin and taebags!!
    We’re not all happy little bunnies thinkin Canada is the best thing since sliced sourdough baked to a caramelized crust , double-toasted the next morning and smothered in cultured butter! I think the Stockholm syndrome is pervasive over here. Grow to love your captor cos you feel you can’t go back. Can also read as ‘making the best of it’.

    Hockey is crap by the way… Canada .. the Emperor has no clothes. 70% of Canadians watch hockey to see a fight … fact!

    And as for Irish people living in Toronto talking about the lack of taebags … you can buy Barrys in the supermarket over there so I dunno what they are on about…..

    1. Mr Meh

      Yeah but must admit there are alot of people, probably the vast majority, who arent miserable in Canada or Australia and may actually make better lives for themselves than they would ever have in Ireland?

      Before I finished my postgrad in 2008 I was sure I was leaving Ireland (this was at the supposed hieght of the boom) because I just saw no opportunity to have a career and live with any degree of quality of life given the high cost of living and shitty services. I was all set to go but then I got a great job offer in Dublin and decided to stay- 3 years on I’m glad I stayed for the experience but I’mm getting out of here next year- the economy is only going to get worse as the politicians and public seem completely oblivious to the fact that austerity is scheduled to get worse in the next 4 years even counting in a ridiculous expected growth in the economy that has been shown to be optimistic BS.

      Oh and Canada looks lovely! Visiting Vancouver next month, looking forward to it.

    2. ArtVandelay

      That’s actually not correct. 70% of Canadians think that there is a role for fighting in hockey but they do NOT watch hockey ONLY for the fighting. If a fight breaks out, fair enough, but its not an attraction in-and-of-itself.

      Maybe fighting is just an attraction to 70% of meaningless-stat-spouting idiots…

      1. OscarTheFuzz

        CBC Radio yesterday … 70% of Canadians watch hockey for fighting. Have you ever seen or been to a hockey game with Canadians… they LOVE the fighting. That is also why UFC is so popular. Canadians .. even though they are the second most politest people in the world, love fighing!

  2. michelle

    I currently live in Vancouver and it’s deadly. But I do miss being able to say DEADLY.

    1. Terry Tiffoney

      I think that the point is that as much as they would like to, they can’t go back home.

    1. Minderbinder

      +1 :(

      Probably 50% of my closest 20 friends are now abroad, the vast majority of them would have stayed if they had a choice. Awfully depressing.

      1. robocan

        Exact same. It’s gotten to the stage where even people I know with jobs are leaving-out of loneliness.

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