Today’s Le Cool Dublin Cover


By be-hatted graffiti- to-graphic design man James Earley who sez:

The day is usually one monster piss-up with people in a heap puking and falling all over the shop. Instead of focusing solely on this fact, I wanted to celebrate other Irish clichés such as pots of gold at the end of rainbows and our terrible weather.

Le Cool Dublin

10 thoughts on “Today’s Le Cool Dublin Cover

    1. mani

      If you can do better then you should by all means submit one or indeed post a link to show your work. Can’t wait!

        1. Gigsy

          Can you please explain how you feel there was zero-talent involved and how this is a cliché ‘illustration’? Also link us to some of your highly talented “illustration” with zero clichés please. You sound so knowledgeable about the arts I feel I could learn a thing or two from you when it comes to anonymous critiquing. . . . . . .

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