That’s Not A Controversial Building Project



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A new video on Dublin Port “2012 to 2040” from the Dublin Port Company.

Thanks John Gallen


17 thoughts on “That’s Not A Controversial Building Project

        1. Johnny

          Just re-reading this stuff and they’re not moving the normal ferry passenger terminal to the east link location just the terminal for the cruise liners.

          So cheers Dublin Port Company for not making the ferry terminal more accessible for regular foot passengers in your €600m investment in the port infrastructure.

    1. Praetorian

      Its huge buisness to Dublin Port Authority….78 cruise ships last year alone,estimated 100 this year begining mid April….growing rapidly every year.

  1. Brian

    “We’re already the country’s only port with a maintained direct rail connection to all major train stations in Ireland; taking 4,000 trucks off Irish roads every year.”

    So, this maintained direct rail connection only handles 11 truck-loads per day. That’s not really something to brag about.

  2. Dave

    Yeah I can’t imagine people getting a cruise ship to Dublin. Standing on the deck with the rain baytin the side of your face! Don’t see that as a big sell to people!

  3. Paul

    What’s controversial about this plan? It seems to make a lot of sense. A cruise terminal is an excellent idea. As someone from outside Dublin, I really like the development in the docklands, it is probably one of the good projects that occurred during the boom.

  4. Joens

    “Dedicated walkways and psychopaths will promote public access to the port for leisure and recreation”.

    Lot’s of magnificent buzzwords and biztalk though, in unfairness.

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