13 thoughts on “Who’s This Then?

      1. Fieldy

        Plus that Hoff guy is from Belfast and can be often seen outside nightclubs singing the Baywatch theme on request of 4 circling drunks eating curry chips

  1. Escobar

    Anyone remember the post on Broadsheet a couple of months back showing the Angelina Jolie lookalike? Holy lamb of divine she was awesome… like really awesome… really really awesome. I’m talking slap me in the face and check I’m still conscious awesome. Kick me in the nuts and poke me in the eye awesome…. drive a car through my front door and beep the horn continuously so as to disorientate me futher awesome. Talk complete and utter nonsense and post it as a comment awesome…

  2. atswim

    He looks like Leonardo di Caprio stretched horizontally a bit. Though the image was a bit had been resized wihtout maintaining the aspect ratio until I looked at the other pictures.

  3. David Bourke

    Yeah, if I want a too fat, too short, too talentless kinda Leo lookalike I’ll be sure to look him up. Thanks!

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