Irish journalist Barry Malone, who reports from Africa for Reuters, reports on some confusion regarding the scarcely believable but true reports of the arrest of Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell in San Diego.

20 thoughts on “Ah STOP

  1. Mike Baldwin

    So he liberated one little soldier with his bare hands. Success. Just in: Attention seeking prick seeks attention – Now over to Jeff with sports….

  2. Roberta C.

    I don’t get people using ‘exhaustion’ as a reason for public masturbation. When I’m exhausted I rarely masturbate in public.

  3. Rob

    So many people having breakdowns running around the street wanking off! Why should this guy be treated any different!?

  4. Holly

    I believe Charlie Brooker has done quite a good job of explaining what a w anchor Jason Russell really is.

    His street actions seem to bear out this assertion.

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