Are Government Ministers Really Exempt From The Household Charge?


Yes and no.

Debate Social Welfare Benefits – Local Government Charges (

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14 thoughts on “Are Government Ministers Really Exempt From The Household Charge?

  1. Paudie Kelly

    badly worded, doesn’t mean their own house. It means care homes etc that are legally owned by the Minister of the parent Department.

    1. ninjathon

      Now Paudie don’t go explaining it to people. You know they’ll want to go bat-shit crazy over this and you’re explanations will hinder the general hysteria that’s about to kick off.

    2. Tom Red

      Anyone know if this has been clarified?

      And badly worded. As is the wording of Sean Sherlock’s SOPA shenanigans.
      Are they not being paid enough to do a proper job of their responsibilities or just not bothered?
      Or yet again, imbeciles steering the ship of state?

      1. Humans Eh!

        Self serving illiterate overpaid imbeciles who really aren’t bothered scuppering the ship of state just about covers it.

        1. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

          Did you intend “aren’t bothered scuppering the ship of stete” which means “can’t be arsed doing it”, or “aren’t bothered about scuppering the ship of state” which means “have done it and don’t care”?

          Phrasing things correctly is hard, isn’t it? Good job we’re all humble about accusing people of illiteracy.

  2. Joens

    “Residential property owned by a Minister of the Government” is exempt.
    What is badly worded about that (unless you jump to some conclusion that those words mean something other than their meaning)?

  3. Five Gold Stars for Frilly Keane

    I think they mean Embassy gaffs, Ambassador digs, the Áras, Dublin Castle apartments, grace and favour lodgings etc

  4. le horse

    Exemption wording in the act is as follows’ note the word vested ie under the control of his Dept
    A building vested in a Minister of the Government, a housing authority (within the meaning of the Act of 1992) or the Health Service Executive;

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