Kinda Depressing


Pic via Catherine Halloran

Meanwhile, that Siteserv deal. From yesterday’s Sunday Times (behind paywall):

13 thoughts on “Kinda Depressing

    1. paul

      By the way BS, did you pick up on Obama reintroducing the draft in the states on Friday? It seems to have slipped past most of the mainstream media (I hate using that term now as it seems to have connotations of David Icke) but it’s got a lot of Americans rightly worried.

      1. Minderbinder

        Probably shouldnt feed the leftie-loopy-offtopicness but I just had to say I lol’d at the thought of the draft being reintroduced in America and it “slipping past the mainstream media”.

        1. paul

 – that’s it, pretty short but it’s the order he signed on Friday not an opinion piece or anything.

          The online sites all have it, Huffington Post etc. And plenty of foreign newspapers/tv etc. But it seems to have gone completely without report in the regular US media.

          The funny thing is the conservatives are raging over it on twitter etc as well as what we’ll call the loony-lefties on this occasion.

          Martial Law and the draft are now allowed to be called without reference to congress. Bizarre.

  1. A taxpayer

    Did i hear somewhere Mr O Brien pays his taxes in Cyrus now, after previously paying his taxes in Portugal after he sold Eircell to BT? Beggars belief….

  2. octo

    Photocopying a full newspaper article and putting it on the web? How can that possibly be legal?

    1. Chompsky

      Apologies, Octo. in our defence, we purchased a physical copy, gave it it a day before publishing and really felt it worthy of sharing in full. PLUS Bodger has a sub with Times/Sunday Times online.

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