How Clientelism Works



Or didn’t.

On this occasion.

A pregnant woman was effectively sacked while on maternity leave by one of the country’s major hotel groups, having previously been warned that one of her bosses was close to former taoiseach Brian Cowen.


…She said that having rejected an offer of voluntary redundancy during her third pregnancy, Mr B, the group general manager for O’Callaghan Hotels, referred to how well-connected Mr A was. Ms O’Brien said she found this threatening and interpreted it to refer to Mr A’s political connections, having often seen Mr A having lunch with the then taoiseach, Brian Cowen. The tribunal agreed that this reference was “a threat”.


Director Lost Her Job After Third Pregnancy (Noel Baker, Irish Examiner)

8 thoughts on “How Clientelism Works

  1. Jockstrap

    You’d swear we lived in East Berlin pre 1989. FF were in effect a state within a state.

  2. Joe

    Worked in a company that tried to do the same thing, promptly shot down by HR before the company went too far. That said the person was promptly let go as soon as legally allowed after she returned to work.

    1. Paul Clerkin

      I actually was threatened with legal action at that time by representatives of the hotel chain and their architects. I ignored then, didn’t repond.

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